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In professional, competitive golf, there are several major events which take place throughout the year. Generally speaking, the Professional Golfers' Association, otherwise known as the PGA, is the professional association for men’s golf. There are several different PGAs around the world. The women’s equivalent for the PGA is known as the Ladies Professional Golf Association, which is often abbreviated to LPGA. Major tournaments and events are typically run by these associations.

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The Majors

In men’s professional golf, there is what is known as the Major Championships. These four major golf championships are the most prestigious annual tournaments which are held in professional golf. Three of them are always held in the United States while one of them is played in the UK. The majors have a long and distinct history of their own and each of them is hosted by different golf organizations. Whoever wins a major championship is awarded the maximum amount of points possible in professional golf, 100, from the Official World Golf Ranking.

The four majors are as follows:

Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament is held on the weekend which contains the 2nd Sunday in April. This is a tournament which is hosted as an invitational and is played at the Augusta National Golf Club in the U.S. state of Georgia.

U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is held in June and is typically held during the Father's Day weekend. This tournament is hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and is typically played at a variety of different locations across the United States.

The Open Championship

The Open Championship is held in July during the week of the 3rd Friday in the month. This tournament is hosted by the R&A, which is a group formed out of the historic Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. It is always played on a links course at one of the ten locations of such courses in the United Kingdom. 

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is held in August during the third weekend before the Labor Day weekend. The only time this changes is when the Summer Olympics are going on. This tournament is played in different locations across the United States and is hosted by the Professional Golfers' Association of America.


Why the Majors Matter

Where men’s major league golf is concerned, the most important events include the Presidents Cup, the Ryder Cup, and the four majors.

The four majors are especially important events in golf and therefore all the big name players from around the world aim to participate in them. The results of the majors have a huge impact on players’ reputation and standing. In fact, throughout the history of golf, a player’s reputation and legacy is largely judged based on how many victories they are able to accumulate at the major championships.

The majors are unique for different reasons and have a profound effect on a player’s career. The prize money from these championships isn’t even that large; in fact The Players Championship, three of the four World Golf Championships and several other invitational events have comparable prize money allotments.

But winning the majors in and of themselves is much more important than the prizes received.  Top players who participate in major championships receive huge boosts in their career if they win these events. Benefits can come in the form of substantial bonuses from sponsors and better contract terms and deals.

On the other hand, if the player who wins the majors is relatively unknown, winning one of these championships will open doors instantly for them to get signed.

Another huge benefit of winning a major championship is the exemptions it provides from the need to re-qualify. A player who wins is exempted from needing to re-qualify annually for a tour card on his home tour. The current provisions of the PGA Tour provides that all major winners are given a five year exemption from re-qualifying while the European Tour gives a seven year exemption. In a profession which is extremely competitive, winning one of the majors provides players with a degree of stability.

Other Top Golf Events

The major championships are the most important events in golf. In addition, there are other non-major tournaments which occur and feature top players playing for large purses.  These include the World Golf Championships, the European Tour's DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, and the PGA Tour's Players Championship.

The Players Championship is one of the most important non-major events. This is because it is the PGA’s flagship tournament and has the largest prize purse out of all golf events.

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