Boxing Tickets

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Muhammad Ali

These words, uttered by one of the greatest boxers in history, are perhaps the most apt description of the beautiful art of boxing. Combining skill, stamina, precision and power, boxing as a sport tests not only its competitors but also enthralls viewers, who vociferously cheer on their favorite fighter. Watching a boxing match in a packed venue is a one of a kind experience and the thrill of watching a fighter hit a perfect knockout punch or beating the ten count ranks up there with some of the most engrossing moments in sport. If you are interested in watching some of the best fighters live in action this year then get boxing tickets.

Most people have complained that boxing as a sport was past its prime during the 1990s and mid 2000s. Coupled with the rising popularity of mixed martial arts and a drop in the quality of boxing matches, boxing slowly started fading from prominence. However, in recent years, due to the emergence of quality fighters and more exciting matches, boxing is experiencing a form of resurgence.

Professional Boxing

Professional boxing bouts are usually ten or twelve rounds long, with each round lasting for three minutes. For a long time, fights, especially championship fights, lasted for fifteen rounds, but that changed in 1980 after the death of Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim, who lost a fight in fourteen rounds but died shortly after. All professional boxing organizations shortened their bouts to twelve rounds by 1989.

In professional bouts, fights aren’t easily stopped and it is only after one of the fighters has taken excessive beating or if the referee feels one of them cannot defend themselves properly that fights are stopped. Other reasons for fights to finish prematurely are when one fighter is injured and their doctor deems them unfit to continue. The most common injuries during boxing fights are a swollen face and cuts; this is one of the reasons why fighters have professional cutmen in their corners to treat injuries in between rounds.

Ways to Win

There are three ways to win a fight in professional boxing. Firstly, if a boxer is knocked down to the floor due to a legal punch and fails to answer the referee’s ten-count, then his opponent is adjudged the winner via knockout. Knockout victories elicit the most excitement from fans since it takes a special kind of fighter to knockout opponents. The most famous example would be Mike Tyson, whose brute strength and aggression helped him become a world champion.

The second way to win a fight is via technical knockout. This occurs when a fighter quits midway between a fight or when their corner throws in the white towel and deems their fighter unfit to continue. This could be due to injuries sustained during a fight, like swollen eyes, which might blind a fighter and leave him at a disadvantage during a fight.

The third way to win a fight is via the decision of the judges. This happens when a fight goes the distance and the fighters compete for the entirety of the match. Once the fight is over, the three judges tally their marks and decide who the winner is. Judges score each round from 10 points and award the round to the fighter who they believed emerged victorious in that round. The winner gets the full ten points, the loser gets nine points, and if one of the fighters is knocked down during a round, they get 8 points. At the end of the fight the judges tally their total for each round and give the result of the entire fight. If two judges award the fight to one boxer and the third to the other, then this is a split decision. If all three judges award the fight to one fighter then he is crowned as the winner due to unanimous decision.

You can easily catch the best boxing matches from around the world by getting boxing tickets. Watch championship bouts, contender matches and exhibition matches live from arenas around the country. This year has a lot in store for boxing fans including world title fights featuring the stars of the sport including Wladimir Klitchsko, Anthony Joshua, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez and Carl Frampton.