Seattle Mariners Tickets

The Seattle Mariners, also known as the M’s, are a professional Major League Baseball (MLB) team based in Seattle, Washington. Established in 1977 as an expansion team, the Mariners compete in the American League (AL) West division. They have won three West Division titles. The M’s have however never been to the World Series, which makes them one of the two teams in the MLB that never made it to the World Series. The M’s play their home games at Safeco Field. If you want to watch their games during the 2017 MLB season, then get your Seattle Mariners tickets from here. 


Even before 1977, the city of Seattle had a thriving baseball culture. The Seattle Pilots, an MLB team, was based in the city that later moved to Milwaukee and were renamed the Milwaukee Brewers. The state of Washington sued the American League for breach of contract and as a result, Seattle was granted an expansion team in 1977.

Selecting the team’s name through a name-the-team contest, initially the M’s colors were royal blue and gold. The color scheme was later changed to silver, northwest green and navy blue. The Mariner Moose serves as the team’s mascot.

The Unimpressive Formative Years

In the beginning, the Mariners were like any other expansion team, unassuming and unimpressive. They played their inaugural season in 1977 and finished with a 64-98 record. Their next 13 seasons was a repeat of their inaugural season. The team won fewer games, and lost more resulting in losing seasons.

In 1991, the Mariners posted their first winning regular season. They finished with an 83-79 record and came fifth in their league. For the next three seasons, the Mariners slumped again. However, the 1995 MLB season would be exceptional for the M’s.

An Iconic Moment in 1995

The Mariners finished their regular season with a 79-66 record and won their division for the first time. They advanced into the playoffs (for the first time) and faced the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series (ALDS). The Yankees were defeated 3-2. The Mariners then advanced into the League Championship games and faced the Cleveland Indians. The Indians however defeated them 4-2 in the ALCS.

An iconic moment in the team’s history came with a game-winning hit in Game 5 of ALDS against the Yankees. Mariners’ Edgar Martinez drove home Ken Griffey Jr. to win the game in the 11th inning. With this, the Mariners clinched the series.

Mariners – Almost there

From 1996-2001, the Mariners made it to the playoffs on three occasions. They came close to advancing into the World Series on two occasions, but lost in the Championship Series.

In 1996, despite finishing second in the league, the Mariners failed to reach the playoffs. However, they won their division in 1997 and advanced into the playoffs, where they lost to the Baltimore Orioles 3-1 in the ALDS. For the next two seasons, the M’s were unable to reach the playoffs.

In 2000, after winning 91 regular season games, the M’s were placed second in their league and advanced into the playoffs. They defeated the Chicago White Sox 3-0 for the ALDS title and advanced into the American League Championship Series where they lost to the New York Yankees 4-2.

Mariners as Good as the Cubs

In 2001, the M’s won 116 regular season games and topped their division. Advancing into the playoffs, they met the Cleveland Indians for the ALDS title and defeated them 3-2. They advanced into the ALCS where they lost to the Yankees again.

The Mariners by winning 116 games equaled the American League record for most wins in a single season. It was the Chicago Cubs in 1906 who set the record with 116-36. Since 2001, the two teams are tied for winning most games in a single season in the MLB.

Famous Mariners

Dick Williams, Gaylord Perry, Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr., and Goose Gossage are some of the most well-known Mariners.

The Mariner’s Culture

If you want to be considered for Mike Blowers’ free fries then make sure you turn up to the ball park in a costume or with a funny sign. Rally Fries have become a permanent fixture at all Mariners home games where fans are selected by Blowers for the free treat.

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