San Antonio Spurs Tickets

The San Antonio Spurs are a professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Association or NBA, in the United States. The team is based in and plays for the city of San Antonio, Texas, as a member club of the NBA’s Western Conference Southwest Division. For their home games, the team plays at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. If you’re interested in learning more about the San Antonio Spurs, finding out about their history, and how to get your hands on the best San Antonio Spurs tickets, click here.

About the San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are an American professional basketball team that was formed in 1967. The Spurs were originally members of the American Basketball Association (ABA) and were originally called the Dallas Chaparrals.

After the 1976 ABA-NBA merger, the team became a part of the NBA and remains to this day one of the four original ABA teams to have remained intact after the merger. They also happen to be the only original ABA team to have ever won an NBA championship.

In terms of their championship record, the Spurs have the fourth most NBA championships in the history of the league. They have won five NBA championships while other teams such as the Boston Celtics have won 17, the Los Angeles Lakers have won 16, and the Chicago Bulls have won 6.

The team has a stellar track record and consistently manages to prove themselves as one of the strongest teams in the entire league. They currently rank first in terms of active NBA franchises for the highest winning percentage in the history of the league. They also have a winning head-to-head regular season record which holds up against every other active NBA team in the league today.

In terms of division titles, the San Antonio Spurs have won 21. Since 1990, the Spurs have managed to make the playoffs in 24 out of the 25 seasons. Since they joined the NBA in 1976, they have only missed the playoffs four times.

Their consistent game play and stand-up leadership have helped them to break records within the NBA. Since 1997, after the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan, the team has not missed being in the playoffs in 19 seasons.

The Spurs also hold the record in the NBA for the most consecutive 50+ win seasons. They also hold the NBA record for the highest winning percentage in the past 19 seasons at 0.610 or greater during the regular season.

San Antonio: The Home of the Spurs

San Antonio is unique because The Spurs are its only professional sports team in any of the four major leagues in the country. Most teams which have been based in San Antonio haven’t lasted more than five years; the Spurs are the only ones to have been consistent and long-lived.

The San Antonio Spurs therefore enjoy a great deal of fan-fare and popularity in the city. The team has set numerous NBA attendance records. In 1999, during the NBA Finals game, the Spurs drew in the largest crowd in the history of the NBA. Furthermore, the AT&T Center, which used to be the SBC Center, frequently sells out during the regular season.

Another unique feature of the team and its affiliation with San Antonio is the ‘Rodeo Road Trip’. Every year since 2003, the Spurs have had to go on an extended road trip throughout most of February. This is because their home venue hosts the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo during this time. Interestingly enough, they consistently have winning records during this road trip, and have even set the record for longest single road trip winning streak in the NBA.

When the team wins any titles in the league, their victory parade is held on the San Antonio River Walk and features numerous boats.

A History of the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs were one of the teams that made up the American Basketball Association (ABA), the rival league of the NBA. The team was originally known as the Dallas Chaparrals. In their first few seasons, the team struggled to make an impression. This resulted in poor attendance numbers as well as a general lack of interest in the team.

In an effort to revive interest in the team, they were renamed the Texas Chaparrals so that they could be a regional team and play to a wider audience. After this failed to garner interest, the team moved back to Dallas.

After a series of financial struggles, the team was bought by a group of businessmen from San Antonio and renamed the San Antonio Gunslingers. Before they played a single game, the name was changed to the San Antonio Spurs. The team also assumed their familiar colors of black, silver, and white.

With a strong defense, the team slowly started to build a solid reputation for themselves. They started drawing in large and rowdy crowds to their games too and soon became one of the top teams in the ABA.

This all contributed to them being considered for the 1976 ABA-NBA merger deal. It didn’t take them long to make a mark in the NBA and prove that they could succeed in the new league. In their first season, they tied for fourth place overall in the Eastern Conference.

While the Spurs generally did well in the NBA, the turning point for the team really came when they drafted Tim Duncan in 1997. Their statistics in the Duncan era have been exemplary and they have set and broken numerous records in the NBA.