Phoenix Suns Tickets

Many, including an NBA Commissioner, were of the opinion that Phoenix was ‘too hot’, ‘too far away’ and ‘too small’ to be considered a viable market for basketball. This was in spite of the fact that similar geographical locations had established basketball franchises. Since its founding, the Phoenix Suns have proved them and many of their critics wrong. The Phoenix Suns joined the NBA in the 1968-69 season. Since their inclusion in the league, the Phoenix Suns have become a highly successful franchise. In fact, the Suns have the highest winning percentage of any team who has not won an NBA title.

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The Rising of the Suns

In 1968 the Phoenix Suns became the first professional sports franchise for the state of Arizona. The ownership comprised of businessmen, investors and entertainers. Phoenix Suns became part of the NBA due to the tireless efforts of one investor Richard Bloch. It was due to his insistence and the entry fee of two million dollars, the NBA Board of Governors awarded a franchise to the city of Phoenix. Jerry Colangelo became the first General Manager for the Suns and Johnny ‘Red’ Kerr took office as head coach. Colangelo, a former Chicago Bulls employee, and Kerr were unable to replicate the Bulls success in their first year. The Suns finished last in their first season and lost the opportunity to draft Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the next season. The first season may have been tough for the Suns, but the team was able to hold their own in the second season with a score of 39-43. They also reached the playoffs where they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Playoff History

Since their first season, the Phoenix Suns have made it to the playoffs 29 times. Twice they have reached the finals but were unable to win the Championship. They were defeated by the Boston Celtics 2-4 in 1976 and the Chicago Bulls got the better of them in 1993 with a score of 2-4 again. The Phoenix Suns have an impressive winning percentage in the NBA. In fact, the Suns win 55 percent of the games they play. They have six Conference Titles and two Division Titles to their name. During the 2006-07 season, the Phoenix Suns had a 17 game winning streak, their longest ever in a season. The Suns reached the Conference Semi Finals a total of 18 times and the Conference Finals 7 times. The Phoenix Suns have made regular appearances in the playoffs for 29 years. Having a wealth of experience and talent, the Suns accomplished this with the help of some key players.

From Paul Westphal to Kevin Johnson

The number 44 will always be associated with the talent and athletic brilliance of Paul Westphal. The Suns, in the 1975-76 season, exchanged their All Star guard Charlie Scott for another Championship winning guard from the Boston Celtics. With this arrival, the Phoenix Suns had another shot at the NBA Finals. The series with the Boston Celtics is perhaps one of the most exciting ever in the NBA. The Suns, during game 5, came back from a 22 point deficit to take the game into overtime. Even though the Suns lost the series, Garfield Heard and Paul Westphal etched their names in Sun’s History. Westphal’s contribution to the Suns legacy was not only as a player, he also served as assistant and then head coach for the franchise. Under Westphal leadership, the Suns made it to the NBA Finals once again in 1992-93 where they lost to the Chicago Bulls.

For three seasons, from 1985-86 till 1987-88, the Phoenix Suns went without a playoff appearance. There were quite a few reasons for this drought; however it all changed with the arrival of Kevin Johnson. Fresh off the Cavalier’s bench, Johnson along with Tyrone Corbin, Mark West and Larry Nance, helped the Suns achieve 13 consecutive playoff appearances from 1988-89 to 2000-01. This streak also became the franchise record for the Phoenix Suns. Johnson was the point guard for the Suns for 11 years. During his career with the Suns, Johnson was three time All Star, NBA Most Improved Player and became the member of the All Time NBA Second Team four times. Johnson along with his jersey No.7 was retired from the Phoenix Suns in 1998. Since his retirement, Johnson went into politics where he was elected as Mayor of Sacramento in 2008.

The Round Mound of Rebound

1992 brought quite a few changes. The first one was the relocation of the Suns to a new arena in downtown Phoenix. The second was the arrival of Charles Barkley from the Philadelphia 76ers. Barkley helped the Suns achieve their best record in the NBA 62-20. He also averaged 25.6 points per game. The performance helped Barkley win the Most Valuable Award. This came with a distinction as he became the third player in history to receive this award right after being traded. In addition to Barkley, the Suns had Danny Ainge, Oliver Miller and Richard Dumas on their roster. As a dominating power forward, Barkley played an instrumental role in keeping the Suns in the playoffs throughout his stay.

The Phoenix Suns have a rich history of passion and competitiveness. Even though in its 47 year history, the Suns have not won an NBA Championship, they have played some memorable games. This is one of the main reasons why the Suns have such passionate and loyal fans, not only in the state of Arizona but all over the US. If you’re looking to experience basketball at its best, then get Phoenix Suns Tickets, before they sell out.