Phantom of the Opera Tickets

Winner of several prestigious awards and a favorite of countless theatergoers, The Phantom of the Opera is one musical that never ceases to strike a chord with the audience. It has entertained fans for more than 25 years and its appeal only increases with each new show. The Phantom of the Opera Broadway tickets have always been in high demand. That the musical is the longest running Broadway hit is a known fact. So brace yourselves as the spectacular show is on tour and will be treating fans across North America with its intense drama and enchanting music scores. To experience the magic of the heart-breaking love story, purchase The Phantom of the Opera tickets in advance.


The Phantom of the Opera is the theatrical adaptation of Gaton Leroux’s French novel, Le Fantôme de l'Opéra. The novel was published in the year 1910. It is inspired by the historical events that took place at the famous Paris Opera back in the 19th century. Besides it is also influenced by the tale that involves the use of a former ballet student’s skeleton in the making of the opera, Der Freischutz.

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra was translated into the English language. At first it did not get as terrific a response as it deserved but it has grown on the audience over the period of time. It’s been adapted into movies as well as theatrical productions and today ranks among the most popular musicals of all-time.

When Lloyd Webber aspired to make a romantic theatrical production towards the end of the 20th century, he got in touch with Cameron Mackintosh, the co-production of ‘Cats and Song and Dance.’ Together the two watched The Phantom of the Opera movie but did not find the kind of inspiration they were looking for, for their musical.

It was in New York that Lloyd Webber happened to find a second hand copy of the original novel. Reading it, Webber was able to visualize it into a stage play. He stated that he was actually writing something else when he came across this copy but when he read it, he knew that he had found the base to what he’d been wanting to do for a long time.


The Phantom of the Opera opens with a performance by Christine, as aspiring soprano singer. She is struggling with her performance because of the sad state of mind she is in after her father’s demise. Her singing reignites her childhood friend Raoul’s love for her.

The Phantom is a lonely disfigured music genius who helps Christine regain the lost charm in her voice. Christine however believes that he is an angel about whom she had heard stories from her father as a kid. What she does not know is that the Phantom has helplessly fallen in love with her. That love turns into jealousy when he finds out about Raoul’s romantic inclination towards Christine.

Out of insecurity, he kidnaps Christine and takes her to the cellars. There he expresses his love to her in hopes of being loved back. He wants to marry Christine who is terrified for Raoul as he is trapped in a chamber by the Phantom. In order to save him, she agrees to marry the Phantom.

When the Phantom kisses Christine’s forehead, she kisses him back. He is overwhelmed by this gesture as nobody had ever shown such kindness and love towards him before in his life. Touched, the Phantom frees Christine with a promise that she would visit him on the day of his death once again. Christine keeps her promise and returns to the Phantom towards the end of the musical.

West End and Broadway Premieres

The Phantom of the Opera premiered at the West End in London in the year 1986. The cast included Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in lead roles. The choreography was done by Gillian Lynne while the set design was by Maria Bjornson. The Phantom of the Opera is the second longest running musical at the West End. It completed its 10,000th run at Her Majesty’s in October, 2010.

The Phantom of the Opera premiered on Broadway in the year 1988. It won the Tony Award for the ‘Best Musical Debut’ in New York. In 2012, it became the first Broadway musical to have had more than 10,000 runs at the Majestic. The musical is also the longest running show in the history of Broadway.


The highlight of The Phantom of the Opera is the unforgettable music score that keeps the audience engrossed in the musical from the beginning till the end. The play has three acts in total and each one includes tracks that not only are aptly in place but also help move the story ahead.

Lloyd Webber had first contacted Jim Steinman for the lyrics but he couldn’t take up the job owing to his commitment to Bonnie Tyler’s record. Then Webber approached Alan Jay Lerner but before Lerner began working on the lyrics properly he got seriously ill. Eventually it was Richard Stilgoe, the renowned lyricist for Starlight Express who wrote the lyrics for The Phantom of the Opera. Later on Charles Hart rewrote the compositions and incorporated Stigoe’s lyrics in them. The overall lyrics for The Phantom of the Opera are hence a team effort that includes Richard Stilgoe, Charles Hart as well as Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The first song of Act I is ‘Overture’ which is followed by the track ‘Think of Me.’ The latter is a number which instantly draws focus to Christine’s vocal range. Among the most touching songs in the musical is ‘Wishing you were somehow here again.’ It shows a sad Christine at the cemetery singing before her late father’s grave. The title track is a duet that very interestingly depicts Christine’s attraction towards the Phantom as well as her fear of him. Among other songs in the musical are ‘The Music of the Night,’ ‘Down Once More,’ ‘Point of No Return’ and ‘All I Ask of You.’

Main Characters

The Phantom of the Opera comprises a number of well-defined characters that keep the story interesting throughout. The most important of these is the lead character of the Phantom. He is a music genius who lives in the opera. His presence there is although felt but nobody has actually seen him. He hides his identity because his face is disfigured. He has intense feelings for Christine and is seen in the musical as helping her discover her lost talent of singing.  During this process he falls head over heels in love with Christine and then the audience gets to see the different shades of the Phantom’s personality. From love to insecurity and from romance to rage, each aspect of this character is interesting to watch.

Christine’s character is also a very significant one in the musical. She is a hard working singer who is struggling with her performance after the death of her father. Her mother passed away when she was only six years of age and being brought up by a single parent she was extremely attached to her father.

She often gets disheartened by the criticism she has to face and starts losing confidence in her singing. She relates to the Phantom as an ‘Angel of Music’ about whom she had heard stories from her father as a kid. When the Phantom helps her regain the confidence in her talent, she is seen overcoming all hurdles and transforming from a timid girl into a strong and confidant lady.

On Tour

The Phantom of the Opera has been staged in about 151 cities in 30 different countries around the world. It enjoys a strong and vast fan following that never gets tired of watching the musical over and over again. Now you can watch the new production of The Phantom of the Opera by Cameron Mackintosh live in your city.

It has been highly praised the critics who’ve described it as ‘bigger and better as ever before.’ With a combined 52 people in its cast and orchestra, this is the largest production on tour at present. Its unforgettable music scores, breathtaking scenery and heart-touching performances are something you shouldn’t miss for anything. So make sure you watch this legendary musical when the tour makes a stop in your city.

Cameron Mackintosh will be bringing the North American Tour to numerous cities including Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. In Chicago the musical will run at the Cadillac Theatre in December of 2016 and January of 2017. The ticket prices for the shows in Chicago are averaging between $167.13 and $313.08.

The Phantom of the Opera will run in Las Vegas in the summer of 2017. The events are scheduled to take place at the Smith Center. The average ticket prices of these events range from $278.19 to $335.12.

Check out the itinerary of the tour and grab The Phantom of the Opera tickets for the shows that will be held in your city.

Some Interesting Facts

In January of 2006 The Phantom of the Opera surpassed Cats to become the longest running show in Broadway history. The musical celebrated its 11,000th run in July, 2014.

In January of 2006 The Phantom of the Opera surpassed Cats to become the longest running show in Broadway history. The musical celebrated its 11,000th run in July, 2014.

The musical has been performed in fourteen different languages worldwide. Among them are English, French, Danish, German, Korean, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Hungarian and Polish.

At first the makeup of the Phantom used to take up to four hours. Now it only takes thirty minutes. First the face is moisturized and shaved, then prosthetics are fitted after which a pair of wigs, contact lenses (one clouded and one white) and radio microphones are placed.

The Broadway premiere of The Phantom of the Opera was a grand event and cost an enormous $8 million, a record budget at the time.

Owing to his nervousness Andrew Lloyd Webber was unable to watch the premiere of the musical. He was called for the curtain fall by Cameron Mackintosh.

The Phantom of the Opera has so far entertained an audience of more than 130 million people. Its box office revenue ($.6 billion) is higher than classic stage plays and movies such as Titanic and Star Wars.

In order to create the ambiance and effect that the musical is known for, 10 fog and smoke machines, 250 kg of dry ice and 281 candles are used.