New Orleans Saints Tickets

The New Orleans Saints are named after the popular jazz track, ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’. This football team is a member of the Southern Division of the National Football Conference. Established 50 years ago in 1966, the Saints have won one Super Bowl, one Conference Championship, five Division Championships and have made ten playoff appearances. The team enjoys a strong and loyal fan base around the country. Whenever the Saints take on a rival team, the fans get to enjoy a thrilling sporting spectacle.

The New Orleans Saints tickets are available at the moment but they might not be as the season progresses. 


Performance under Different Coaches

The New Orleans Saints are currently owned by Tom Benson. He acquired the rights to the franchise back in 1985 following which Jim Mora was hired as the head coach for the Saints whereas the general manager role was taken up by Jim Finks. Together they became a winning combination and led the team to it’s first ever playoff appearance and a winning record of 12-3 in the 1987 season. A few years later in 1991, the Saints achieved their first division title. Under Mora, the Saints made four playoff appearances in total. His tenure as the coach of the Saints came to an end in 1996 when he left with a 93-win record. This was a first in the team’s history. 

The former coach of the Chicago Bears took up the place of Jim Mora as New Orleans Saints coach. But following three low performance seasons, it was decided to make a change.

Next coach Jim Haslett led the team to the playoffs the following year. In the 2004 season the Saints won three consecutive games leading up to the final. In week 17, the Saints went on to beat their rivals the Carolina Panthers.

In January of 2006, Sean Payton was hired as the new coach for New Orleans Saints. The first home game of the team following Hurricane Katrina was held in September, 2006. The game was against the Atlanta Falcons and was won by the Saints 23-3. This was a surprising and exiting win for the Saints as the Falcons had gone undefeated in the 2006 season until then. The game enjoyed an attendance of over 70,000 and its broadcast earned the highest ratings in the history for ESPN. The win was a memorable one and is fondly remembered by Saints fans for Gleason’s blocked punt which paved the way for New Orleans’s first home game win after Hurricane Katrina.   

Successful Years

The 2009 season went on to become the franchise’s most successful season ever. The Saints bagged 13 regular season wins and won the divisional playoffs by beating the Cardinals 25-14. They were the winners of the conference championship final and also won Super Bowl XLIV by defeating the Colts.

In 2011, the Saints won the Wild Card Playoffs against the Lions. In the divisional round (2012) they were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers. The game was held at the Candlestick Park and is cherished by Saints fans. Although the team lost the game but it had one of the most exciting nail biting finishes.

Recent Seasons

After disappointing back to back seasons, it would be difficult for Saints fans to make out anything positive from their performance. But let’s not take away from the players that have put in an incredible amount of effort and played with immense enthusiasm and zeal on the field during the 2016 season. Among the Saints that stand out are Michael Thomas, Andrus Peat, Nick Fairley, Cameron Jordan and Drew Brees.

The 2016 season for the New Orleans Saints wasn’t much different than 2015. The Saints, for the third time in a row missed the playoffs. Also for the third time in a row, their season record was 7 – 9.   

Did You Know…

  1. New Orleans Saints is the only side to have won and lost a game by a 62-7 score.
  2. It took the Saints eighteen years to score their first Monday Night Football win.
  3. Outside the US, the Saints have won preseason games in Tokyo, London as well as Mexico City.
  4. The franchise’s very first professional football game had 80,879 attendees.

The Saints are all set to take the field once again. If you wish to catch the incredibly talented players in action, then make advance bookings of New Orleans Saints tickets. Whether or not the team wins, you’ll be at the edge of your seats throughout the game.