Milwaukee Bucks Tickets

The Milwaukee Bucks are a professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Association or NBA. The team is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is a member of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Central Division. For all of their home games, the Bucks play at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Originally founded in 1968 as an expansion team, the Bucks have stayed in Milwaukee throughout the years. If you’re a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks and you want to learn more about the team, their history, and how to get your hands on the best Milwaukee Bucks tickets available, click here.

About the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that was founded in 1968 as an expansion team. Unlike many other teams in the NBA that have switched cities numerous times before settling down in one place, the Bucks have always called Milwaukee home.

As is the case with almost every expansion team, the Bucks struggled during their first season and had to spend a number of years building their team and reputation.

In their history, the Bucks have only one the league title once, in 1971. They have also won two conference titles, in 1971 and 1974, as well as 13 division titles over the years.

In addition, the Milwaukee Bucks have had numerous star players as part of their line-up throughout their history. These include the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Redd, Brian Winters, Bob Dandridge, Sidney Moncrief, Oscar Robertson, Jon McGlocklin, Bob Lanier, Sam Cassell, Junior Bridgeman, Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson, Terry Cummings, Ray Allen, Marques Johnson, and Vin Baker.

The team used to be owned by Herb Kohl, a former U.S. senator. As of 2014, the team has been owned by two billionaire hedge fund managers, Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens, after they purchased a majority interest in the team from Kohl.

The History of the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks were a franchise that originally started out as an expansion team awarded by the NBA to the Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services, Inc. (Milwaukee Pro). The city was very excited to have their very own team and a contest was held for fans to submit names for the new basketball team.  Over 40,000 fans participated and the most popular entry was the Robins, after the state bird of Wisconsin. However, the judges decided to go with the second most popular choice, the Bucks. The Buck is the official wild animal for the state of Wisconsin, and is known to be agile, spirited, fast, and an exceptional jumper.

First Season Struggles

In their first season, as was to be expected, the Bucks struggled. They won only 26 games during their first year. Nevertheless, the Bucks finished with a strong enough record to ensure a coin-flip against the Phoenix Suns, another expansion team, to determine who would get the first pick in the upcoming draft. The Bucks won the toss and would go on to acquire Lew Alcindor.

Star Players

One of the strongest periods for the Bucks was when they acquired Lew Alcindor, who later became known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after his conversion to Islam. In his first season during 1969-70, the team would finish with a 56–26 record. This was the strongest record that the Bucks had had to date. This sharp improvement, achieved in just 29 games, was also the best in league history. It remained a record that the Bucks held for 10 years until the Boston Celtics bested it.

Alcindor was in instant star when he joined the Bucks. That first year, he was a runaway selection for the prestigious NBA Rookie of the Year award.

The next season, with the acquisition of Oscar Robertson, or ‘Big O’, the Bucks finished the season with a 66-16 record. At the time, this was the record for the second most wins in a season and till today, it remains a franchise record. They also had a 20 game win-streak and dominated that NBA season so thoroughly that they went on to win the NBA Championship that year in 1971. This was the fastest an NBA expansion team had ever won the Championship.

For the first half of the 1970’s, the team remained strong and consistently played well. In 1972, they finished the season with a record of three consecutive 60-win seasons and became the first ever NBA team to do so.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would go on to leave the team in 1975 and this marked a period of turbulence and transition for the Bucks for many years to come.

The Herb Kohl Era

Herb Kohl oversaw the Milwaukee Bucks franchise from 1985 to 2014. He strived to keep the Bucks competitive by getting any free agents willing to play for the tea. Is ultimate goal was to win as many games as possible and qualify for the playoffs.

Another important aspect of his legacy was his determination to keep the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee. He was often quoted as saying that irrespective of the amount of money he was offered to sell the team, he would not consider any offer which proposed taking the Bucks out of Milwaukee.

Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks Mascot

The Milwaukee Bucks have one of the most well known and loved mascots in the entire league, Bango. Bango has been the official mascot of the team for almost 40 years.

According to official information from the Milwaukee Bucks website, Bango was born during the 1977 NBA season. He was present during the first home game tip-off that year. He got his name from the famed broadcaster, Eddie Doucette. Every time a player from Milwaukee would make the perfect overhead half-court shot, Doucette would have a very specific reaction.

Over the years, Bango has made a solid name for himself due to his jovial fan interactions and his stunning displays of acrobatics. He is also known for his overhead half-court shot, which he nails perfectly every time.