Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional American baseball team that competes in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The team is a part of the National League West Division. It was established in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Los Angeles before the start of the 1958 season. For four seasons, the team was based at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving their home ground to the current Dodger Stadium in 1962. Supporters of the team can get their Los Angeles Dodgers tickets here for the 2017 MLB season. 

Dodgers’ Records

Over the years, the Los Angeles Dodgers have won six World Series titles, along with 21 National League pennants. In addition to that, the team’s players have won 11 NL MVP awards, 13 MVP Awards, 8 Cy Young Awards and 17 Rookie of the Year awards. Four of these ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards were won consecutively from 1992 till 1996.


The Los Angeles Dodgers also have their own set of rivalries with specific teams. Their most famous rivalry is with the San Francisco Giants, which goes all the way back to the 19th Century when both the teams were located in New York. The Dodgers played in Brooklyn and the Giants played in Manhattan. Unlike most rivalries, which are tipped towards one team, this rivalry has shown a consistent balance in the number of successes for both teams. While the Giants have 23 National League pennants, the Dodgers are not far behind with their 21. The Giants have won eight World Series titles and the Dodgers have won six, making the rivalry a close-cutting one.

The Dodgers second major rivalry is with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This rivalry is basically a series of games played between the two teams called the Freeway Series. With both teams located in the same city, it is not surprising that such a rivalry exists.

The third and possibly the most well-known Dodgers’ rivalry is with the Yankees. The two teams have met a total of 11 times in the World Series – more than any other pair of teams in the National and American Leagues.

This rivalry initially started when the two teams were based in New York. After the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, the rivalry remained intact; as the two teams now represented the dominant cities on either coast of the US. The rivalry intensified in the 1980s. Although the rivalry gained its importance from the numerous meet ups of the two teams in the World Series, the Dodgers and the Yankees have not played against each other in the World Series since 1981. The two teams met in an exhibition game in 2004 and their latest meeting was in September 2016, in a series which the Dodgers won two out of three in New York.

The Loyal Fans of the Dodgers

The Dodgers have a huge and loyal fan base. It was the first team that managed to attract more than 3 million fans in a single season (1978). The Dodgers drew 3 million fans at least for 15 seasons, back-to-back, between the years 1996 to 2010 – the longest streak of the sort in the entire MLB. It was announced in July 2007, that the cumulative attendance for the team had reached the 175 million mark, which is a record for all professional sports. The 2007 season in itself set an MLB record for a single-season attendance of 3.8 million fans. In 2009 also, the team was at the top of the MLB in terms of attendance.

The baseball cap for the Dodgers is persistently among the top 3 in terms of sales. The games at the Dodgers home ground are attended by various celebrities, thanks to the proximity to Hollywood. Celebrities such as Mary Hart, Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, Alyssa Milano, Shia LaBeouf and Larry King have often been spotted in the audience. Fans of the Dodgers typically buy Los Angeles Dodgers tickets for the entire season in advance because of the high demand during the season.