Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Formed in 1970, the Clippers are not originally from Los Angeles. The team finds its roots in New York, where it was called the Buffalo Braves at the time of its inception. The first three seasons were quite tough for the side and they couldn’t find their footing in the NBA. Finally their fortunes turned for the better when Jack Ramsay joined the team as the head coach and they got their key player in Bob McAdoo. The “Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer”, McAdoo won the “NBA Rookie of the Year Award” for his efforts with the Braves. He remained with Buffalo till 1976.

Just when the team started to gain some momentum, owner John Brown Jr. decided to swap his team with Boston Celtic’s owner Irv Levin, who took it to San Diego. The team took a new name San Diego Clippers and from 1978 till 1984 remained in the city. The move went in favor of the Clippers as they posted their first winning season of 43-39. Their success continued for a while, until the team was sold to Los Angeles resident and real-estate developer, Donald Sterling.

The team was once again christened, this time called the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Early Years as Los Angeles Clippers

Relocation, new name and new surroundings, all were tough on the players and they initially had to struggle a lot. In 1987, the team won only 12 games and lost 60. Their number one draft pick Danny Manning got injured and another solid player Danny Ferry decided to move to the European League. The Clippers continued with the rebuilding process, looking for the perfect combination that could help them find some footing in the league. Finally the tide turned in 1992.

Larry Brown joined as the head coach and under him the Los Angeles Clippers made it to the playoffs for the first time in 16 years. Better yet, they finished above the rivals Lakers. Some of the standout moments in the ’90s included

Acquisition of Dominique Wilkins – He played 25 games for the Clippers and his run with the team made them a competitive side. During his stint with the Los Angeles, he made it to the All-NBA Third Team.

Brent Barry Shines as Clippers Guard – After joining the team in 1995, Barry broke the Rookie Record with his 123.3 pointers. He even led the side to a playoff run in which he averaged 11.7 ppg. While he was still playing for the Clippers, Brent Barry participated in the 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and won it.

An Almost Relocation – The team decided to relocate again, this time to Anaheim but quickly came to senses. It decided to cement its roots in LA so that the players and the franchise could focus on improving and rebuilding.

The end of the century brought with it some positivity, especially with the construction of the Staples Center. The arena opened in 1999 and since then has remained the home of the Los Angeles Clippers. With a capacity of over 19,000, the Center is packed with the Clippers tickets holders who come out in huge numbers to support the side.

A New Era

In 2009, the Los Angeles Clippers were awarded the first overall pick and they chose Blake Griffin. His addition brought a change into the side. His on-court fluidity, high-flying dunks and overall strength helped the team improve their stats. Things got even better when Chris Paul landed with the Clippers in 2011 and he was treated like a messiah. In 2013, Los Angeles traded their first round draft pick with the Boston Celtics and got coach Doc Rivers. The Clippers finally had a title-winning team on its hand. And the players delivered.

All those fans who bought Clippers game tickets were rewarded. The team won their first Pacific Division title in 2013, after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 4-0. The crosstown rivals played an extraordinary game of basketball that thrilled both the live and television spectators.

In 2014, the Clippers once again made it to the division finals and clinched their second Pacific Division championship after defeating the Phoenix Suns 112-108.

The Controversy

The big win was somehow overshadowed by one of the biggest controversies in the NBA. On April 25, 2014, an entertainment new channel released the recording of Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling admitting to his mistress that he didn’t like African Americans buying Los Angeles Clippers tickets and attending his games. As revolting as it was, the issue was a source of great embarrassment for the NBA. It also marked the ugliest moment in Los Angeles Clippers history.

The NBA forced Sterling’s wife to sell the company and eventually it went into the capable hands of former Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer. He gave the franchise a new direction and the team started to enjoy playing under good leadership.

The Present Outlook

The Los Angeles Clippers have finally put all the pieces together. A coach with championship experience, solid leadership in Chris Paul and the inside strength of DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin has made them a competitive side. The current Clippers team has the maturity, and the grit and determination to make it to the top. An injury-free run and a steady play by the key players will certainly carry them forward in the upcoming seasons. In celebration of the Clippers newfound spirit and strength, here’s a list of the franchise’s best players through the years.

  • Corey Maggette – (F/G) 2001 NBA All-Star Weekend
  • Lamar Odom – Forward
  • Ron Harper – Shooting Guard/Point Guard
  • Danny Manning – (Forward) 1992-3 All-Star Appearances
  • Jamaal Wilkes – (Forward) Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Dominique Wilkins – (Forward) Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Adrian Dantley – (Shooting Guard) Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Moses Malone – (Center) Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Bob McAdoo – (Power Forward) Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Bill Walton – (Center) Basketball Hall of Fame