Jason Aldean Tickets

Macon, Georgia native, Jason Aldean took a typical route to build his music career. He started off with gigs in his hometown clubs and later moved to Nashville to pursue his dream. After struggling for five years and thinking of quitting numerous times, Aldean finally scored a record deal with Broken Bow. Since then Jason Aldean has become one of the top-selling country musicians and a trendsetter. Starting from his self-titled debut album in 2005 to the 2016 release "They Don’t Know", the superstar has been critically lauded, with his first six albums earning Platinum certification.


Aldean owes most of his success to his stylistic choices, fusing various elements into his compositions. His debut song "Hicktown" was '80s-inspired and heavy on the guitar, whereas the chartbuster "Dirt Road Anthem" featured rap verses. His eclectic approach earned him numerous chart-toppers and today Jason Alden is considered among the best-selling artists in digital music history. As a prelude to his 7th album, which came out in 2016, he treated his fans to a single from it. "Lights Come On" is a guitar heavy rocker and is an ode to his countless fans that make his concerts a spectacular affair.

The multi-award winning star recently wrapped up his Six String Circus Tour 2016 which included Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses as his opening acts. The Entertainer of the Year is not one to take extended breaks in between treks and will soon kick off another country-wide tour. So if you are looking for Jason Aldean tickets, they are available here.

Jason Aldean - The Early Journey

Macon, Georgia born singer and songwriter, Aldean grew up with the love for both music and sports. He was three years old when his parents separated and his father moved to Florida, where Jason used to visit him during the summers. That's where his love for music turned into a passion and he started to learn the guitar. Jason Aldean listened to the music of George Strait, fell under the spell of country genre and honed his skills as a vocalist and a guitarist. He made his first public appearance at 14, performing live at the VFW Hall. Encouraged by the response he got, Aldean started participating in talent contests and ended up joining a house band.

After graduating from high school, Aldean officially chose music over sports and his father became his booking agent. Initially the Georgia star performed in college towns all through the Southeast to the Eastern Seaboard. Finally he made the big move to Nashville and embarked on his initial struggle. Even though Aldean had immersed himself into music, a couple of recording deals that fell through and an expired songwriting contract discouraged him enough to quit and move back to Georgia. In one of his gigs he eventually caught the attention of the independent record label Broken Bow and with them paced his career from a newbie to a superstar.

Jason Aldean Announces His Arrival With "Hicktown" & "Amarillo Sky"

Years of struggle finally paid off and Jason Aldean hit the jackpot with his self-titled debut album. It produced three chartbusters, "Hicktown" that peaked at the 10th position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, "Amarillo Sky" on number 4 and "Why" ended up topping the charts.

No Jason Aldean concert is complete unless he performs his debut single "Hicktown" live. Fans always look forward to the live rendition of the track and it remains an important one for the singer. When he initially released it, the radio programmers thought it was a bit redneck, but the listeners loved it, and propelled it on to the charts. Aldean pays tribute to his roots, reliving his childhood memories.

"Why" was Aldean's first number one song and it showed his versatility. A classic ballad, it's packed with powerful lyrics that the audience can easily relate with. "Amarillo Sky" draws in a lot of passion from the singer and the mid-tempo hit highlights the struggles of farmers. The song takes him back to his country roots and connects him with his fans. Aldean is known to open his concerts with these singles, starting off strong with his big hits.

Jason Aldean Rises In Ranks With "Relentless"

Guitar-driven "Relentless" exceeded the standards set by Aldean's debut album and topped the Billboard Country charts. With the help of producer Michael Knox, Jason Aldean delivered a hit that stood out because of the songs "Johnny Cash", "Laughed Until We Cried" and the title track "Relentless". A polished effort, the album infused the elements of country and rock, along with classic ballads. Implementing the theme of reminiscing, Jason Aldean produced a powerful album that boasts of strong vocals, healthy amounts of rock and traditional Nashville sound.

Jason Aldean Mixes It Up On "Wide Open"

Jason Aldean quietly and steadily made his climb on the country charts, presenting himself as a crossover hit with "Wide Open". His third album peaked at 2nd position on the Billboard 200 and featured a variety of elements. Aldean mixed it up with love songs, an ode to Nashville, lyrics about small-town girls with big dreams and memories of his rowdy ways. Like always he peppered it with a lot of rock, opening the album with the power-rock anthem "She's Country". Romantic ballads make way into the album and Aldean shows his musical growth with tracks like "Fast" and "This I Gotta See". It won't be wrong to say that Aldean revolutionized the country genre, spicing it up with his signature style.

Jason Aldean Continues The Upward Momentum With "My Kinda Party"

Growing from album to album, "My Kinda Party" is one of the biggest hits by the country superstar. Reaching 2nd position on the Billboard 200, it earned him several awards including CMA & ACA Album of the Year. He even got a Grammy nod for the singles "Dirt Road Anthem" and "Don't You Wanna Stay". In "Dirt Road Anthem" Jason displays his unique take on Southern rap, whereas "Don't You Wanna Stay", the power-ballad duet with Kelly Clarkson is a crossover hit.

Even though "My Kinda Party" doesn't pit Jason Aldean as a country music traditionalist, it has a notable sonic consistency to it. His touring band joined him in the studio for this one, and the guitarists Adam Shoenfeld and Kurt Allison churned some electrifying rhythms. His eclectic formula produced the energetic opener "Tattoos on This Town", country anthem "My Kinda Party", full-on rocker "Days Like These" and the soulful ballad "The Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting".

Jason Aldean Goes Beyond Conventional Country Boundaries With "Night Train"

One of the things that separate Jason Aldean from the other country singers of his caliber is his willingness to take risks. He's not afraid to try new things and has often ignored the norms and rules set for country genre.

In his fifth album "Night Train", Aldean along with the producer Michael Knox has blended 70s' and 80s' rock with contemporary country arrangements and vocals. They also occasionally delve into power pop ballads and rap, spicing things up with guitar solos. Some of the singles that standout from this album are "When She Says Baby", a mid-tempo romantic number that has a modern hook to it. "Feel That Again" is an arena-rock track and has become a staple in all of his live performances.

In "Wheels Rollin", Aldean performs an atmospheric, melodic, ballad and the lyrics are about his life on the road. He sings it with a rawness that comes from being a seasoned touring act.

"Old Boots, New Dirt" Has Aldean Diving Further Into Pop Territory”

Packed with party songs, Jason Aldean has also put his emotions under the spotlight with "Old Boots, New Dirt". Sensuous, soulful ballads have taken center stage on this one and Aldean shows his romantic side with the songs "Show You Off", "Just Getting' Started" and "Tryin' To Love Me". He turns up the pace with the adventurous track "Burnin' It Down" and the crowd-favorite "Sweet Little Somethin". The album grabbed the top honor at the Billboard Music Awards, taking home the "Best Country Album" trophy. "Burnin' It Down" won the "Best Song" award.

Jason Aldean - A Touring Machine

As soon as he wraps up one successful tour, Jason Aldean announces another one. His back to back live shows have helped him in connecting more with his fans and that has polished him as a singer. His stellar Six String Circus Tour with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses ended recently, leaving the fans asking for more.

Jason Aldean's concerts are an experience of a lifetime. He thrills the crowd with his high energy performance, belting out his country hits spanning over a decade. Many consider Aldean the leader of pop/rock/hip-hop/country and the singer has often acknowledged this distinction by thanking the fans and country radio for letting him try new things.

There is always a strong rock concert vibe in his shows and the only hints of country come from his singing - the signature country twang. He not just fires up songs from his chartbusting collection but also mixes his style and sound. Jason Aldean’s latest album has already hit the shelves. A lead single "Lights Come On" is a smash-hit. If you want to listen to live rendition of this and other songs of Aldean’s, then get your Jason Aldean tickets here.