Houston Astros Tickets

The Houston Astros, also known as the ‘Stros, are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team, based in Houston, Texas, The Astros were established in 1962 as an expansion team along with the New York Mets. From 1962 to 2012, the team competed in the National League (NL). In 2013, the Astros were moved to the American League (AL) West division. The Houston Astros play their home games at Minute Maid Park, which has been their home since 2000. The team has been to the World Series once in 2005. They also won their first and only NL Pennant in 2005. In addition, the Astros have won 2 NL West Division titles and 4 NL Central Division titles. The Astros were in the playoffs as recently as 2015. 

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The franchise did not start off as the Houston Astros. In 1962, when they were formed, their name was the Houston Colts .45s. They were known by this name till 1964. It was in 1965 that the franchise was renamed as the Houston Astros, based on the control center of the U.S. space program situated in the city of Houston. The history of baseball in the Houston area, however, predates the establishment of the Houston Colts .45s.

From 1888 to 1961, the city was home to a professional minor league baseball team called the Houston Buffalos. However, the residents of Houston had always wanted to have a major league baseball team to call their own. When the American League (AL) and National League (NL) failed to consider their request, they started their own league, Continental League. The Continental League was announced in 1959 as a rival to NL and AL. The league however folded in 1960.

In 1960, the National League decided to grant an expansion franchise to the city of Houston. The new team was allowed to begin its inaugural MLB season in 1962. The new team was named the Houston Colt .45s, after the residents of Houston voted for it in a name the team contest. The new team was named after Colt .45, a gun that is widely believed to have won the west.

Colt .45s: A Missing Gun

The Houston Colt .45s, which later became the Houston Astros, were unimpressive from 1962 to 1979. During these seasons, they were unable to win their division and therefore failed to make the playoffs. However, the Astros would turn things around during the 1980 MLB season.

The Houston Astros: 1980 & 1981

In 1980, the Astros had the best pitching talent they’ve ever had. Joe Morgan had returned as well. The winner of two MVP awards, Morgan wanted to help the team make the playoffs. All in all, the Astros finished their regular season with a 93-70 record, winning their division and making the playoffs for the first time. In the playoffs, the Astros, however, lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 3-2 in the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

The Astros were equally impressive in the following season. In the 1981 MLB season, the Astros once again won their division and made the playoffs. However, like the previous year, they failed to make past the National League Division Series (NLDS) and lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2.

The Houston Astros largely remained unimpressive in the subsequent seasons, till 1997.

The Astros on the Roll

From 1997 to 2005, the team made the playoffs 6 times. This includes their three back-to-back playoff appearances from 1997 to 1999. However, it was the team’s 2005 season, which is etched in their fans’ memory.

Like their 2004 season, the Astros finished their 2005 regular season on a high note and stood second in their division. Once in the playoffs, the Astros defeated the Atlanta Braves 3-1 for the NLDS title. They advanced into the Championship Series and defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 to win the NLCS title. The Astros saw themselves playing in the World Series for the first time ever. They faced the Chicago White Sox for the World Series title, but lost 4-0. The Astros would not make it to post-season till 2015.

The Astros’ Ballpark

As mentioned earlier, Minute Maid Park has been the Astros’ home since 2000. The ballpark can seat as many as 41,168 baseball fans and includes 63 luxury suites and 5,197 club seats. If you are interested in watching the Astros play at their home stadium, then you can get your Houston Astros tickets here.