Green Bay Packers Tickets

The Green Bay Packers are a professional football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The third oldest team in the National Football League (NFL), the Packers compete in the National Football Conference (NFC) North division. Popularly known as “The Green and Gold”, the Green Bay Packers wear dark green, gold and white uniforms and play their home games at Lambeau Field.  The Green Bay Packers are a non-profit franchise, the only sport team in the US. It is owned by Green Bay residents, who are stakeholders in the team. Ted Thompson is the general manager of the team, while Mike McCarthy is the head coach.

The Green Bay Packers have won two Super Bowl Championships and is known for having most loyal fans in the NFL, called “Cheeseheads”. If you’re a Cheesehead, who is looking for Green Bay Packers tickets, they are available here.



The Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919 by George Whitney Calhoun and Earl “Curly” Lambeau. The history of football however predates 1919 in the Green Bay area. The franchise traces its history in the Green Bay area football culture where various semi-professional teams played against each other. The Packers competed against these teams in their early years. The Packers, in 1921, joined the American Professional Football Association (APFA), the predecessor of the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers: 1929-1931

The Packers were exceptional during the 1929, 1930 and 1931 seasons. They won three consecutive NFL Championships and 29 back-to-back home games, which resulted in an NFL record. The Packers decimated teams from Chicago, New York and other cities with star players such as Arnie Herber, Cal Hubbard, Johnny (Blood) McNally, and Mike Michalske.

The Green Bay Packers: 1935-1945

This decade was dominated by one Packers’ player, Don Hutson. Dubbed as “iron man”, the inclusion of Hutson into Packers’ 1935 roster turned the team into a formidable offensive unit, the most-feared in the league. The team would clinch three more NFL Championships (1936, 1939, 1944) with Hutson. He retired in 1945 and by then had made 18 NFL records, many of which still remain unbeaten to this day.

However, with the departure of Hutson, the franchise started to slump. Curly Lambeau left the team after the 1949 season and the Packers recorded their worst regular season in 1958 with a 1-10-1 finish.

The Vince Lombardi Era

After a disastrous finish in 1958, Vince Lombardi, a New York Giants assistant coach, was hired as the Packers new head coach in 1959. Lombardi would coach the Packers till 1967. The expectations were low. However under Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers won five World Championships in seven years and become the football team of the 1960s. But the Packers didn’t turn around simply because of Lombardi, it was also largely because of Herb Adderley, Dave Robinson, Willie Wood, Henry Jordan, Willie Davis, Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg, Carroll Dale, Jim Taylor and Bart Starr

1967 NFL Championship Game

One football event that stands out of Lombardi’s historic spell with the Packers, was his last season as head coach. It was the NFL Championship game, where the Packers were up against the Dallas Cowboys. Lambeau Field was freezing and the game would be known as the “Ice Bowl”. To this day, this game is known as the coldest NFL game ever played. Though the event predates Super Bowl, this championship game is known as one of the most famous football games ever played. The game was about to finish, the Packers were trailing and there were a few seconds left on the board. Bart Starr’s touchdown on a quarterback sneak brought the Packers a 21-17 victory. This was the Packers third back-to-back NFL Championship win.

With Lombardi’s departure, the Packers were back in the football wilderness once again. From 1968 to 1991, they finished their regular season on a winning note on only five occasions.

Here Comes the Gunslinger

The Packers dismal performances led to a shake up at the management level and Ron Wolf was hired as the general manager in 1991. The following year, Wolf hired Mike Holmgren as the team’s head coach. He was previously with the San Francisco 49ers. Wolf also acquired Brett Favre from the Atlanta Falcons. Known as The Gunslinger, Favre stepped in for the Packers injured quarterback Don Majkowski for the 1992 season and got them their first win of the season. He would remain the Packers starting quarterback till 2007. The Packers would win both of their Super Bowls (XXXI, XLV) under him.

Unlike in the past when they were heavily dependent on star players for winning seasons, the Packers have carried the momentum forward since Favre’s departure in 2008.  The Packers have consistently made the playoffs since 2009. As recently as 2016, they have won the NFC North Division Championship.

The Packers Culture

The Green Bay Packers are reminiscent of a bygone football era when small town teams frequently competed in the 1920s and 1930s. The Packers remains the only small town football team in the NFL. They are also exceptional in that they are not owned by a business dynasty, family or tycoon. Instead it’s the only non-profit, community-owned professional sports team in the US. The Green Bay Packers’ fans are also exceptional.

Called the Cheeseheads, the Green Bay Packers fans’ loyalty to their team is undisputed. This is why since 1960 Packers’ season tickets have always been sold out. According to Josh Sanburn of The TIME, the current waiting time for Packers’ season tickets is 40 years. However, if you are interested in watching your favorite team play at Lambeau Field or anywhere else, the Green Bay Packers tickets are available here.