Detroit Pistons Tickets

The Detroit Pistons are a professional basketball team that plays in the National Basketball Association or NBA. The team is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit, and they play their home games at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons are a member club of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Central Division. If you are a fan of the Detroit Pistons and want to learn more about the team, their history, and how to get your hands on the best Detroit Pistons tickets, click here.

About the Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are a professional American basketball team that plays for Auburn Hills, a small suburb of Detroit, in Michigan. The team was originally formed in Fort Wayne, Texas, in 1937, and moved to Detroit, Michigan, in the 1960’s.

Over the course of the team’s history, they have had periods of struggle and success.

The team is currently owned by Tom Gores, and the President and General Manager of the team is Joe Dumars. The current head coach of the team is Lawrence Frank, the former coach of the New Jersey Nets.

The Detroit Pistons have won three NBA Championships – 1989, 1990, and 2004.

With their current line-up and under the guidance of Frank, the Pistons are hoping to return to their winning ways in upcoming seasons.

A History of the Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons were formed in 1937 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The team was originally a part of the National Basketball League and was owned by Fred Zollner. Zollner was a businessman who owned a large factory and made pistons for cars. He therefore decided to name his new team the Fort Wayne Pistons.

In 1949, the Fort Wayne Pistons joined the National Basketball Association or NBA. After joining the league, the Pistons were put in the Central Division along with the teams from Chicago, Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

Their initial few years in the league were quite successful. The Pistons made the NBA finals twice during the 1950’s but never managed to win the championship. Zollner wanted the team to be more successful and tried to figure out ways to help them succeed. He eventually decided that his team couldn’t compete as well in a small city and therefore, he decided to move the team to Detroit, Michigan. Since the team was shifting to Motor City, he decided that they could afford to keep their original name.

When the team started out in Detroit, they shared the same stadium with the NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings. In 1961, they shifted their home games to Downtown Detroit at Cobo Hall.

Despite the move to Detroit, the team as a whole had many losing seasons until the 1970’s. Nevertheless, the Pistons showed great promise because they always had strong individual players who would go on to become all-stars.

Some of these big players included the likes of Dave DeBusschere and Bob Lanier, two players that helped carry the team to the playoffs on a number of occasions.

The Pistons would go through a change of management by 1974. At this point, Zollner sold the team for 6 million dollars to Bill Davidson. In four years, Davidson made some changes and decided to relocate the team to the Pontiac Silverdome. The 1970’s were nevertheless a period of struggle for the team and they weren’t playing very well.

In 1981, their fortunes would change with the drafting of Isiah Thomas. In 1983, the team also got a new head coach, Chuck Daly. Under his guidance, the Pistons were a playoff team for nine consecutive seasons.

More Changes for the Pistons

By 1988, the Detroit Pistons would relocate to their present day location, the Palace of Auburn Hills. This was a period where the Pistons were coming into their own and developing a unique style and reputation for themselves.

They began to play a more physical and aggressive game and soon became known as ‘The Bad Boys’ of basketball. Their tactics were notorious for intimidating other teams.

During this time, Isiah Thomas was the captain of the team. Their star line-up included Thomas as well as power forwards Dennis Rodman and Rick Mahorn, center Bill Laimbeer, and shooting guard Joe Dumars. The small forwards were Mark Aguirre and Adrian Dantley.

The Pistons also famously had the best line-up of reserve players at the time too. This included the likes of John Salley, Vinnie “Microwave” Johnson, and James “Buddha” Edwards.

Their strong line-up coupled with their aggressive playing style led to the Pistons becoming back-to-back champions in 1989 and 1990. The Detroit Pistons tickets were the hottest commodity in Detroit in those days.

The Years of Struggle

After their back to back wins, the Pistons entered a period of struggle. This was made worse by the fact that many of their star players, like Bill Laimbeer, Chuck Daly, and Isiah Thomas were retiring. The 1990’s were characterized by a period of mediocre playing by the team.

Despite the fact that they made a few good trades, the team did not return to their former glory for over a decade.

Th?e 2000’s

In 2000, the Pistons would acquire Grant Hill from the Orlando Magic. With this trade, the team returned to their winning ways and managed to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals six years in a row. This set a franchise record for the team.

During this period, the team also managed to make it into the NBA Finals for two consecutive years and even became the NBA champions in 2004.