Denver Nuggets Tickets

Ever wondered why the city of Denver calls its basketball team the Nuggets? In the 19th century, Colorado experienced a mining boom. Prospectors came from all over the country looking to make a fortune panning silver and gold ‘nuggets’. The name is also a reference to the Denver Nuggets who played a single season in the 1949–50 season. Having moved on from mining to bigger and better things, Colorado paid tribute to its roots by selecting a ‘miner discovering a basketball’ as a logo for its basketball team.  The Denver Nuggets is a storied franchise whose history spans fifty years. With six hall of famers and countless playoff appearances, the Denver Nuggets tickets are a fan favorite throughout the state.

How It All Started

The Denver Nuggets had a different name back then. In 1967, when a southern California businessman James Trindle was unable to find an arena in Kansas, Missouri, for the ABA charter franchise he was awarded, he decided to move the team to Denver, Colorado. Naming the team after the Colorado official state bird, Trindle immediately ran into financial trouble. A part of the Denver Larks was then sold to a trucking magnate, Bill Ringsby, who renamed the team the Rockets. The ABA years lasted from 1969 till 1976. The team played at the Denver Auditorium Arena where the franchise was able to achieve some early successes; however they always failed to get ahead in the playoffs. Even though there were no championship games and titles, the team was able to develop a loyal fan base. In 1972, Ringsby sold the team to businessman Frank Goldberg who held a contest to rename the team. The winning name chosen was the Denver Nuggets and to compliment the state’s history, a miner discovering an ABA ball was decided as its logo.

The 1974 – 75 was perhaps the best season the Nuggets had. The team went 65 – 16 and was also able to set a record at home with 40 – 2. This was mainly due to the signing of future hall of famer David Thompson accompanied by Martin Webster, Dan Issel and Bobby Jones. With Larry Brown as coach, the Nuggets were able to make it to the playoffs in the 1976 – 77 season, however they suffered an early exit at the hands of Trail Blazers in the Conference Semi Final.  Even though their playoff record has been less than spectacular, the Nuggets have ten division titles to their name. These include 3 ABA and 7 NBA titles with the last one coming in 2010. Larry Brown played an instrumental role in the Denver Nuggets success; however the team experienced a decline when he left in 1979. From 1979 till 1981, the Nugget’s were unable to win both titles and playoff berths. This all ended with the arrival of Doug Moe as head coach. With him he brought the ‘motion offense’ style of play.

Nuggets and the Doug Moe Era

Doug Moe was born in Brooklyn, was the star play at the University of North Carolina, an All American twice, however his biggest contribution was as Head Coach with the Denver Nuggets. Although he had been assistant coach under Larry Brown from 1974 – 76, Moe served as head coach for the Nuggets from 1980 – 1991. During his tenure, Moe led the Nuggets to two Midwest Division titles and nine postseasons. In addition, the Nuggets under Moe’s instruction set a franchise record of 54 wins in 1987 – 88. The Denver Nuggets during this time achieved a record of 432 – 357. In light of his achievement he was honored with a banner ‘432’ written on it. Moe was also named NBA Coach of the Year in the 1987 – 88 season.  An interesting observation, Moe was able to achieve the coveted NBA Coach of the Year more than a decade before his boss Larry Brown. Brown was named Coach of the Year for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2000 – 01.

Moe employed a ‘run and gun’ offense. His coaching style relied on ‘motion offense philosophy’. He instructed his players to move the ball as often as they could until someone opened. Also, he didn’t pay much attention to defense. His offensive style of coaching made the team more competitive which resulted in the team scoring more than 115 points in a game. This style of play increased the pace of the game which in turn made the Nuggets games highly entertaining. This was the main reason the Nuggets set the NBA scoring record of 126.5 points on average per game. Moe’s coaching style also included running almost no plays. Instead, he relied on passing and ball movement. Following this strategy, the players were not allowed to hold the ball for more than two seconds. This required the players to constantly think on their feet by keeping their opponents on their toes.   

Past to the Present

The Denver Nuggets have appeared in the playoffs 24 times. However, every time they’ve suffered an early exit. The last time they cleared the first round was in 2008 – 09 when they reached the Conference Finals. They were defeated by the Lakers 2 – 4. Even though the Nuggets have never won the NBA finals, their fans are still hopeful.  The roster for 2017 looks promising. The Nuggets have Emmanuel Mudiay who can turn games around. The guard played in China straight out of high school. He is energetic who is a born attacker. He is expected to kick start the Nugget’s campaign to reach the playoffs in 2017. 

The 2016 – 17 hasn’t been one of the greatest for the Nuggets. The team will try to recapture the glory and success that once came with George Karl and Masai Ujiri’s leadership. There are signs that the Nuggets will bounce back. With Mike Malone at the helm, the Nuggets are expected to kick it up a notch. If you’re looking for Denver Nuggets tickets, then get them now before they run out.