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Def Leppard rose to prominence in the late 70s as one of the prime movers of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal Even though the founding members at that time – Rick Savage, Tony Kenning, Joe Elliot and Pete Willis were all around 18 years old, they propelled the band to instant fame. Like seasoned veterans they burst into the heavy metal scene and took the fans by storm with their musical energy. Through their versatility and consistency, Def Leppard brought ingenuity into the clichéd rock beats and riffs, creating a unique sound that is still hard to imitate.


Since 1992 Def Leppard has remained with its dynamic lineup featuring Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Rick Allen, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell. One of the bestselling acts, Deff Leppard has released 11 studio albums, and were one of the most successful rock bands from the early 80s to the early 90s. During this time they released five albums – “On through the Night”, “High n Dry”,Pyromania”,Hysteria” and “Adrenalize”, all making it to the Billboard 200, with the last two topping the charts. Their self-titled album was released in 2015, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard 200. It includes hits like “Let’s Go” and “Invincible”.

Def Leppard Revitalize the Heavy Metal Scene with Their Raw Energy

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) invigorated the heavy metal scene between the late 70s and early 80s by introducing fresh acts like Def Leppard. Wasting no time, the band jumped into the deep end of the genre, getting rid of the blues, toughening up the sound and increasing the tempo. Their unique hard rock featured only the mean, tough and fast metallic core that wasn’t aimed at winning huge audiences. The idea was to produce pure metal only for their hardcore fans.

Def Leppard was initially called Deaf Leppard by Joe Elliott but Rick Savage and Pete Willis changed the spellings. Their lineup completed when Steve Clark and Rick Allen joined the band. All five members lived in Sheffield, England where Elliot from a young age had a dream of forming a rock band. According to the artist, he always knew that he wasn’t going to become a nuclear scientist or a brain surgeon. He had always fantasized about creating rock n roll songs and making it big in the music industry.

Def Leppard started playing at local pubs and soon established a fan base. In 1978 the band recorded their first EP and the single “Getcha Rocks Off” found popularity after getting extensive airtime on BBC. It ended up selling 24,000 copies.

Def Leppard Display Maturity beyond Their Years – Release a Number of Hit Albums

Soon after their debut EP, Def Leppard signed a deal with Polygram and released their debut album “On through the Night”. It not just announced their arrival in the heavy metal mainstream but also placed them on the international music map.

“On Through the Night” – An impressive debut, the album reached number 51 on the Billboard 200. Def Leppard opens the album with the song “Rock Brigade”, featuring remarkable, big hooks of glam rock that make it a classic rock anthem. “Hello America” is packed with great chorus and highlights the band’s melodic sensibilities. The fusion of drums and powerful vocals complement the album’s style. “Wasted” is another song that became a fan favorite by Def Leppard. Other popular singles from the album include “Rocks Off” and “Answer to the Master”. Def Leppard’s first creative endeavor, “On through the Night” set the foundation for the quintet and was the start of a great musical journey.

High ‘n’ Dry” – The band’s follow-up album was an even bigger and made it to 38th position on the Billboard 200. Expanding their sound, Def Leppard stretched metal boundaries and made the maximum use of their potential. The band immediately sets things in motion with the track “Let It Go” that made it to the music charts. What the tight rock anthem lacked in lyrics, it compensated for with amazing riffs and a solo that blows you away. The other highlights on the album include “Another Hit and Run”, “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night)”,Mirror, Mirror (Look into My Eyes)” and “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”. A complete hard rock package, the album was certified Platinum by RIAA and added to their growing fame.

“Pyromania” – Def Leppard’s third studio album defined the mainstream heavy metal sound of the 80s. Selling more than 10 million units, it reached number two on the Billboard 200 and became one of the best albums of that era. The band roped in Robert John “Mutt” Lange as the producer and even though it took them a year to record the songs, the end result was worth it. Def Leppard showed immense maturity, not just musically but also in songwriting. According to Elliot, John Lange helped them in structuring the lyrics and was involved in the writing process. It’s hard to fit “Pyromania” into any genre – it’s a mix of hard rock, hair metal and stadium rock. But whatever the label, Def Leppard polished it up to make it a classic album.

The record included chartbusters “Photograph”, “Foolin” and “Rock Of Ages” and fan-favorites such as “Stagefright”, “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)” and “Die Hard the Hunter”. “Pyromania” remains relevant even today because of its anthem choruses and infectious melodies.

“Hysteria” – Robert John “Mutt” Lange took the reins in his hands once again for this 1987 release, and it became Def Leppard’s first number one album. Topping both the UK charts and Billboard 200, “Hysteria” sold more than 25 million copies all over the world. As Joe Elliot crooned “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, Lange obliged by covering tracks like “Rocket” and “Animal” with a sweet glaze that made them the most tasteful metal-pop melodies of the decade.

It took three years to produce “Hysteria”, during which Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car accident. He returned to the lineup in his original position as the drummer using an electronic drum kit. According to Elliot, the accident made Rick an even better drummer and it allowed him to belt out both electronic and acoustic beats.

The album produced seven hit songs – the hook-laden “Armageddon It”, power ballad “Love Bites”, melodically rich “Women”, the glam rock “Rocket”, guitar skittering “Animal”, mid-tempo rocker “Hysteria” and the number one single “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

Adrenalize” – came out in 1992. It became Def Leppard’s second number one album. Another masterpiece, it featured a string of energetic songs. “Adrenalize” was released amidst setbacks and issues as Steve Clark’s alcoholism finally took his life and Robert John “Mutt” Lange couldn’t be a part of the production due to prior commitments. His engineer Mike Shipley was roped in and after a delay of five years the album was released. Again, the wait was worth it. Joe Elliott’s soaring vocals and the power of gloried heavy metal by Rick Allen, Phil Collen, Rick Savage and Vivian Campbell made “Adrenalize” a huge hit with the fans. Starting from the lead single “Let’s Get Rocked”, the album is perfectly paced and Def Leppard’s sound makes such a statement that there’s hardly any need to listen to the lyrics.

The band offered versatility with the catchy tracks like “Heaven Is”, “Make Love like a Man” and “Personal Property”; whereas “Tear It Down” and “Tonight” featured crunchy guitars and detailed riffs.

The End of An Era – Def Leppard Strip Down Their Sound To Pop & Grunge

Def Leppard modified their sound to fit the musical landscape of the late 90s. Many fans and critics were of the opinion that Def Leppard should’ve ended their epic run with “Adrenalize”. Instead the band stepped on a slippery slope and stripped down their booming sound and power rock anthems. In an attempt to sound hip, Def Leppard lost their drive and “Slang” failed to impress their fans.

Def Leppard was criticized for being motivated by sales rather than the art, and it prompted them to retreat a bit and go back to their glam metal roots. Following the commercial failure of “Slang”, their seventh album “Euphoria” managed a better and reached 11th position on the Billboard 200. It produced the number one single “Promises” and had hooks big enough to lure back their fans.

Def Leppard was slowly finding its way back into the mainstream and 2002 release “X” did the trick. The band carried out some sonic experiments and with the contemporary rock-minor key trappings, gurgling synths and acoustic guitar produced popular tracks like “Now”,Four Letter World” and “Long Long Way to go”.

In 2006 “Yeah” came out, followed by “Songs from the Sparkle Lounge” in 2008. Both a moderate success, it left the fans craving for more heavy metal even though many songs were reminiscent of their crunching guitars, layered vocals and had glam rock vibe to them. With their self-titled 11th album, Def Leppard continues to keep their legacy of pop-rock greatness alive. Featuring a strong set of tunes, the opening track “Let’s Go” is a classic Leppard number full of layered harmonies and catchy chorus. “Dangerous” is a singalong anthem produced on the lines of the mega hit song “Photograph”, whereas “We Belong” is a moody, mid-tempo heartfelt number.

Def Leppard Continues To Be a Touring Giant

If there’s one thing that has remained consistent in Def Leppard’s forty year career, it’s their touring success. The band continues to sell out massive arenas and generations. Their every album was supported by a tour and no matter what the fate of the album was, hordes of fans showed up to listen to them.