Dear Evan Hansen Tickets

Dear Evan Hansen is an original musical which was written by Pasek and Paul. When Pasek was in high school, an incident took place which would inspire the musical which "takes the notion of a teenager, ... Evan Hansen, who invents an important role for himself in a tragedy that he did not earn." The musical has now also been made into a book by Steven Levenson. If you are interested in Dear Evan Hansen the musical, you can get your Dear Evan Hansen tickets here.  

About the Production

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical which first premiered on Broadway in 2016 at the Music Box Theatre. It’s Broadway debut came fresh off the heels of its world premiere, which was held a few months earlier in Washington, D.C., at the Arena Stage. It then went on to play off-Broadway in the spring of 2016.

The musical follows the life of the title character, Evan Hansen. Evan is a senior in high school and suffers from crippling social anxiety disorder. In the wake of a classmate’s death, Evan finds himself in a whirlwind of turmoil, much of which he struggles to cope with.

Dear Evan Hansen is a production which has enjoyed not only commercial success, but tremendous critical acclaim as well. In particular, the lyrics, the book, and the storytelling that the production showcases have been thoroughly praised. In addition, lead actor Ben Platt has also received roaring praise.

The production has also been honored at the Tony Awards, where at the 71st Awards Dear Evan Hansen was nominated for nine awards and won six of them including Best Score, Best Musical, and Best Actor in a Musical for Ben Platt.

The Synopsis

Dear Evan Hansen follows the story of Evan Hansen, a high school senior who suffers from severe social anxiety. To help him deal with his condition, his therapist encourages him to write a hopeful letter to himself before the first day of his senior year of high school.

Over the summer, Evan fell off a large tree and broke his arm, resulting in him having to wear a cast. His mother, a nurse’s aide who works all day and then attends paralegal school at night, tries desperately to connect with her son whom she doesn’t get to spend any time with.

She encourages him to try to make new friends this year by asking people to sign his cast.

At the same time, across town another family dynamic is playing out in the wealthy Murphy family. Cynthia and Larry have two kids, Connor and Zoe. When they sit down for breakfast, Connor is berated by his father and sister for getting high before school leaving Cynthia to take in the fact that her family is falling apart.

These two mothers are both wondering how to connect with their sons.

At school, Evan prints out daily ‘pep-talk’ letters to himself at the insistence of his therapist. One of those letters is snatched up by Connor, who mocks Evan and steals his letter.

Little do we know, Connor, who is another loner himself, has demons of his own. He ends up committing suicide and Evans letter is found in his pocket. However, Connor’s family assumes that he wrote it and reaches out to Evan assuming that they were friends.

Evan finds himself in an odd situation; wanting to provide comfort to Connors grieving family and also confronting his feeling for Connor’s sister, Zoe.

Evan is caught in a whirlwind of deception, as he becomes the center of a social media campaign to raise funds for Connor. He is torn between his love for the newfound attention, but also by the fact that him and Connor were never the friends everyone thinks they were.

This is a story of how Evan navigates these rough waters.

The Critics Have Their Say

The critics are raving about the musical and especially Ben Platt’s performance as Evan.

The Washington Post calls it ‘One of the most remarkable shows in musical theatre history’.

Rolling Stone calls it ‘A game changer that hits you like a shot in the heart.’

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