Magic Shows Tickets

Magic is one of the oldest forms of performing arts in the world. Typically, magic is performed on stage or in the form of street magic, and entertains audiences of all ages. There are usually staged tricks and gimmicks, as well as illusions involved in a typical show. These tricks come off as highly impossible or supernatural in nature when in fact they have been produced by natural means. Today, magic has evolved considerably from what it started out as. To learn more about magic, its history and evolution, as well as where to get your hands on all of the best magic show tickets, click here.

The History of Magic Shows

Magic has a long and rich history which can be traced back thousands of years. The word magic is etymologically derived from the Greek word mageia (μαγε?α), which means the art of the Magi (these were early Persian priests).

The reason this word was used was because Greek had been at war with the Persians for centuries. The Persian priests at the time were known as magoi in Greek and the rituals that they were known to perform were known as mageia.

‘Magika’, the early word for magic, was used to mean anything unorthodox, foreign, or illegitimate in terms of ritualistic practices.

By the 16th century, the first book which had explanations of magic tricks was found. In the 17th century, such books became more common. During this time and well into the 18th century, magic shows were commonly held throughout various parts of the world as a form of entertainment at fairs and markets.

Magic as Entertainment

Over the years, magic came to be accepted as an integral component of modern day entertainment. In 1845, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, an individual who is considered the founding father of magic as entertainment, opened a theatre in Paris. Similar movements were being carried out in London by John Henry Anderson. This was a time when magic was becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. As such, large magic shows started to take place and for them, performers needed large theatre venues.

The stage became very important in the advancement of magic as a form of art. This is because magicians were able to use the large space for hidden mechanisms and assistants. It also gave them a greater degree of control over the audience’s point of view during a performance.


Magicians are the masterminds behind the intricate tricks which make up a magic show.  One of the most influential magicians of all time and arguably the founder of modern day magic shows was Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. Originally a clockmaker, Houdin transformed magic shows from an art form that was performed at fairs to one which could be moved into large theatre venues with audiences paying to see it.

He was a pioneer in constructing mechanical apparatuses which would be used in these shows. These machines would move and act as if they were alive. Houdin’s assistant would eventually pirate these mechanisms and provide blueprints for them to his rivals such as Alexander Herrmann and John Henry Anderson. In that way, these illusion mechanisms became more and more common in magic shows.

In London, John Henry Anderson was the first to mass market his magic shows through advertising. His renowned showmanship skills resulted in him gaining a lot of popularity. He would go on to become one of the first magicians to gain world renown for his abilities.

Over the years, magic shows evolved and became more complex and intricate. This would draw in larger crowds and make the magician more famous. Harry Houdini, who took his name from Robert-Houdin, introduced escapology into magic shows.

He was so skilled at what he did that there is now a Houdini Museum dedicated to him in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Magic Shows Today

Magic shows today are considerably more versatile and complex than what they used to be. Over the years, magicians have developed a larger repertoire of tricks, mechanisms, and illusions which they employ to make their shows unforgettable.

Magic is performed in many theatres, as a travelling act, as well as on TV. If you want to learn more about where you can get magic show tickets, click here.