Comedy Tickets

Comedy is a term which is used to refer to types of work which are intended to be humorous in nature. Over the years, comedy has taken on many different forms. Today, comedy can be found in television, theatre, film, music, and live performances.

Modern day comedy can trace its origins all the way back to Ancient Greece. Throughout history, evidence for comedic productions can be found all around the globe.

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A History of Comedy

The purpose of comedy has always been to induce laughter and to infuse a situation or subject matter with a sense of lightness.

The origin of the word comedy can be found in Classical Greek from the words κωμ?δ?α komoidía. The word essentially means village singing or reveling with the intention to provoke laughter.

In Ancient Greece in the Athenian Democracy, comedy was used as a way to shape and influence public opinion about the political process. Most often, political satire was performed by a number of different comic poets in public theatres throughout the city. This specific type of theatre performance involved pitting two groups present in society against each other. Northrop Frye defined these two sides as the ‘Society of Youth’ and the ‘Society of the Old’. The performances would depict the powerless youth in their relentless struggle against societal conventions and the elite. Laughter would be elicited when the actors would depict the youth resorting to various strange ruses to get back at the established order.

These were early forms of satire and political comedy. This early form of comedy began to rapidly spread throughout the world.

Comedic Forms

Comedy takes on many different forms and there are numerous different comedy genres that exist. The different genres are characterized by the method of delivery, subject matter or source of humor, as well as the context in which it is being delivered. The different genres often overlap and do not represent hard and fast divisions.

Here are some of the main sources of comedy today.

Stand-up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is a type of comedic performance which involves a comedian speaking and performing to an audience directly. As opposed to taking on the role of a character, the comedian acts as himself and tells a number of jokes and funny anecdotes.

Comedic Films

Comedic films have many different sub-genres such as romantic comedies, parodies, slapstick comedies, screwball comedies, etc.

Over the years, comedic films have become a staple in Hollywood and in major film industries around the world. Comedic films tend to do very well at the box-office.

Comedic TV Shows

Many TV shows exist which are comedic in nature. These also take on a variety of different forms. There are TV channels which are solely dedicated to comedic shows and feature a range of comedic material.

Comedic Theatre

Theatre is another avenue by which comedy is portrayed. There are plays, musicals, as well as theatre productions which are comedic in nature.

The Role of Comedy in Society

It may be tempting to write off comedies as something intended solely for the purposes of laughter. However, numerous studies suggest that comedy plays a larger and more important role than mere entertainment.

George Meredith, the English poet and novelist, believed that "One excellent test of the civilization of a country ... I take to be the flourishing of the Comic idea and Comedy; and the test of true Comedy is that it shall awaken thoughtful laughter." Therefore, comedies were meant to bring lightness to situations but also to promote reflection and thought.

Numerous studies have also been carried out to uncover the importance of laughter. Studies suggest that laughter has many health benefits such as alleviating stress, reducing the chances of many illnesses, and a healthy outlet for emotional release. Comedies are therefore an integral component of any society which values the emotional health and well-being of its citizens.  If you are looking for comedy tickets, click here.