Concerts Tickets

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything” – Plato

Enjoying live music has actually been called therapeutic as it boosts the body and improves general outlook. Music lovers look for the best concert ticket prices and sometimes even spend a lot of money to attend live shows with their friends, listening to their favorite bands and music artists. Concerts bring different types of people together where the atmosphere is amazing and the feeling of anticipation compares nothing.

The Story of First Rock Concert in Music History

Cleveland hosted the first rock concert in history on March 21, 1952, called The Moondog Coronation Ball.  Self-proclaimed “father of rock and roll”, the legendary DJ Alan Freed was the man of the hour. He found popularity as the host of the radio show “Moondog Show” that aired on WJW, a Cleveland based radio station. Featuring R&B music, Alan Freed and his show attracted young people of different backgrounds. Along with a record store owner, Leo Mintz, Freed decided to hold the first live dance event that featured artists whose music he played on the radio show. Saxophonist Paul ‘Hucklebuck’ Williams and R&B/jazz singer Tiny Grimes along with his band the Rocking Highlanders were roped in as the headliners.

Fans rushed to buy concert tickets but due to mismanagement and ticketing errors, more than 20,000 tickets were sold for the 10,000-seat Cleveland Arena. People broke through the gates and in the end, only after one song, the concert had to be stopped. The following day, Alan Freed apologized to the concert tickets holders, explaining that if anyone had told him that around 20,000 or more people would try to enter into the ‘dance’, he would have laughed and thought they were crazy. Crazy or not, the event unquestionably changed history.

Types of Concerts

The popularity of concerts has only grown with time as more and more people look for the concert ticket discounts and the best place to buy concert tickets online. Based on the love for music and live shows, different kinds of concerts have surfaced over the years. These vary depending on the type of performers, the genre and the instruments used.

Chamber Orchestra Concerts: A small sized orchestra, its strength ranges from 10 to 40 musicians. Chamber Orchestra is often led by a conductor but there are some companies that prefer to perform without one. While different instruments are used in this type of concert, some orchestras only use string instruments.

Choral Music: Presenting a group of singers collectively known as the choir, this kind of live event offers an eclectic variety. There’s cappella singing that features only solo singing without any instrumental accompaniment. Choral singing is mostly supported by piano, and then there’s full orchestra that uses multiple instruments.

Symphony Orchestra: A large orchestra, it has more than 80 musicians. All kinds of instruments are used in it, including harp, piano, strings, percussion and woodwinds. Led by a conductor, it also features a vocalist and sometimes even a choir.

Opera: Driven on theatrical and visual elements, opera combines music with dancing. Mostly sung, opera doesn’t include any spoken lines. Music is played by a live orchestra but on rare occasions, pre-recorded tapes are also used. Stage design, costumes and powerful use of expression plays an important role in opera.

Children’s and Family Concerts: Shorter and less formal, these concerts are planned for children and usually take place during the day. Especially in the summer vacations and holiday season, parents search for discount concert tickets. Featuring young instrumentalists, these performers belong either to a church, school or a family of musicians.

Pop Concerts: Among the most popular concert types, these events draw in a huge crowd. Big names in the genre as well as the young and aspiring musicians perform live on stage. Special attention is paid to the stage design and huge screens are installed so that the fans can catch the stage activities.

Rock/Heavy Metal Concerts: Featuring rock n roll music, these concerts are mostly driven by drums, electric guitar and bass guitar. Rock concert promoter, Bill Graham played an important role in setting the standards for modern shows. He introduced online concert tickets and advance ticketing. The crowd is usually loud and rowdy; there is some heavy head-banging and moshing.