College Football National Championship Tickets

College football is a sport which draws in huge crowds and has a very passionate following in North America. This is a sport which is played by student athletes from American and Canadian colleges. In terms of football in the United States, college football is considered to be the second tier in American football. The first tier is professional major league football and the third tier is high school football competitions.  If you are interested in learning more about college football and its history, as well as how to get your hands on the best college football tickets, be sure to click here.

A General Overview of College Football

For anyone who is passionate about football as a sport, college football is a very important aspect. If you are interested in playing football professionally, you need to play for your college football team and develop a solid reputation. A college football player’s statistics and performance will have a direct impact on his chances of playing professional football. 

If a player is interested in playing professional football, he will typically declare for the professional draft after he has participated in 3 to 4 years of competitions in college football. The NFL holds its annual draft every spring and selects 256 players. If a player doesn’t end up getting selected in the draft, they can typically try to get on the NFL roster by becoming an undrafted free agent.

Players of college football don’t receive salaries, as stipulated by rules set by the NCAA. Colleges are only allowed to provide college football players with non-monetary compensation like athletic scholarships. These scholarships typically cover the costs of housing, books, and tuition for the athletes.

The History of College Football

College football has a long and storied history. Football in America actually began to gain popularity at the college level before the National Football League (NFL) was even formed. In fact, it is one of the few sports that was organized by colleges at first.

College football traces its roots back to 1869. A soccer match that was being played by Rutgers and Princeton evolved into what we now know as football. English pupils at the school wanted to play a game reminiscent of Rugby. This desire, mixed with the tendency to play soccer at the time, came together to facilitate the first game of college football.

An Evolving Game

After the first game was played, more and more colleges started to participate in intercollegiate games. The NFL began in its early stages as the American Professional Football Association in 1920. Even after its emergence, college football remained extremely popular.

It is said that there has always been a larger margin for talent in college football as compared to the professional league. This has resulted in a large number of fans and a passionate following for college football.

Formation of a rule making body

College football went through a period where the game became increasingly dangerous. Injuries and fatalities were becoming commonplace and this was a major cause for concern. The early games were characterized by a type of playing which involved gang tackling and mass formations which led to serious injuries and risks.

In 1905, following a string of 19 fatalities on the field, it was clear that certain rules had to be put in place or college football would be banned.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was set up in 1910 which was responsible for setting the governing rules of the sport.

Understanding College Football

Within college football, there are four different levels, namely, the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), Division II and Division III.

The FBS is the most important of the levels. It is divided into eleven different conferences and features 124 different teams.

Of the 11 different leagues, there are six major leagues: the Southeastern Conference, the Big XII, the Big 10, the Pac-12, the Big East, and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

In the regular season, all the teams in each league play against each other with the aim of gaining the highest possible rankings.

The teams with the highest rankings are then selected to play in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship Game.

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