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Coldplay is one of the most popular mainstream rock bands of the 21st century. This British band was originally formed back in 1996 when future band mates Chris Martin (lead vocalist and keyboardist) and Jonny Berryman (lead guitarist) met while studying at the University College London (UCL). They decided to come together to create music and brought on other band members Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer). To date, Coldplay has released seven full length studio albums and have topped music charts across the globe.

They have also performed the world over and therefore Coldplay tickets have always been in high demand. If you’re a fan of Coldplay and want to learn more about the band, and their history, then continuing reading.


About Col?dplay

Coldplay are a British rock band which has achieved immense commercial success with their music. The band initially came together in 1996 and features band members Chris Martin, Jonny Berryman, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion. Their creative director, Phil Harvey, is sometimes referred to as the fifth member of the band.

In their early years, the band went through a number of different names before finally settling on Coldplay in 1998. They then proceeded to record and release three EPs, Safety, Brothers & Sisters, and The Blue Room.

In 2000, the band released their single ‘Yellow’ which is single-handedly attributed to helping them achieve worldwide success. The single was an instant hit and sat at the top of music charts across the globe. This was followed by the release of their debut album, Parachutes.

Over the course of their career, Coldplay has seven full length albums which have helped them to secure a wide range of award nominations and accolades. They have been nominated for a total of 209 awards throughout their career and have won 62 of those awards. They have also sold upwards of 80 million albums across the globe and are therefore considered to be one of the best-selling music artists in the world. In 2009, they were named the fourth best artist of the 2000s according to a poll carried out by Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to creating music, the band has actively supported a variety of social and political causes. This includes Amnesty International and Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign. They have performed at a number of charity sponsored events and concerts including Live 8, UK's Teenage Cancer Trust, Sport Relief, The Secret Policeman's Ball, Band Aid 20, Sound Relief, and Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.

The Formation of Coldplay

Coldplay began to come together in 1996 when two of the band’s members, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, met during orientation week at the University College London (UCL). The duo got to work right away to create a band and their first effort was known as Pectoralz. By 1997, two new additions to the band were made, Guy Berryman and Phil Harvey (who was brought on as manager). The last member to be added to the group was drummer Will Champion. When the lineup was complete, the band settled on the name Coldplay.

The band began recording EP’s for local release as well as playing local gigs. By 1999, when the band was finishing up their final exams, they signed a five album record deal with Parlophone. That year they would set out to record their third EP, The Blue Room, and play at Glastonbury.

During the recording of the EP, the band came to blows on several occasions which led to the temporary departure of Champion. This resulted in the band having to re-assess their working relationship and they ultimately decided that their band would henceforth operate as a democracy. This new set of rules, along with the decision to fire anyone who indulged in hard drugs, were designed to keep the band together.

Hit Albums ?and Singles

Each of Coldplay’s seven albums has received critical acclaim and worldwide success. Their first album, Parachutes, helped to put them on the radar with hit singles like ‘Yellow’ and ‘Shiver’. The album was then nominated for a Mercury Award.

In 2002, Coldplay released A Rush of Blood to the Head. This album received a tremendous amount of critical acclaim and featured the hit singles ‘The Scientist’ and ‘Clocks’. It was nominated for numerous awards and won most of them including NME’S Album of the Year and the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

In 2005, the band released X&Y which was a global best-seller. It debuted at the number one spot on music charts in over 20 different countries.

In 2008, Coldplay released their fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The album was a huge hit at the Grammy’s and was nominated for and won numerous of those awards.

Their fifth album was released in 2011 and was called Mylo Xyloto. The album topped music charts in over 34 countries across the globe and became the best-selling rock album in the UK that year.

2014 saw the released of Ghost Stories, their sixth album, which topped the iTunes Store albums charts in over 100 countries.

Their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams, was released in 2015. This has been the only album to date which has received mixed reviews. To promote the album, the band announced a massive worldwide tour in which they performed across North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America.

The band has recently announced that they are working on releasing an EP filled with songs which didn’t make it onto A Head Full of Dreams. The projected release for that EP is 2017.

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