Cleveland Indians Tickets

The Cleveland Indians haven’t won the World Series since 1948 but they came agonizingly close to ending the jinx in 2016. The Indians were 3-1 up in the series against the Chicago Cubs but faltered in end to hand the Cubs’ their first World Series victory since 1908. It was a tough loss to take for the Indians as it should be but this is a team that looks to be going places. Will they bounce back and win the World Series this season or will the wait for the most coveted prize in the sport go on? Get your Cleveland Indians tickets to find out.

The start and name changes

In 1894, the Grand Rapids Rustlers were formed as members of the Western League. At the turn of the next century, that side relocated to Cleveland to be named the Cleveland Lake Shores. The name of the Western League was changed to American League more or less at the same time.

The AL was a minor league but that changed when the American League became professional. The Cleveland’s franchise’s name was changed to the Cleveland Bluebirds and it became one of AL’s charter teams. The name did not stick for too long and was changed to the Cleveland Broncos after one year. That title stuck for one year too before being changed to the Cleveland Naps. The franchise was then named the Cleveland Indians starting 1915 and that has remained the case ever since.

Not so great times

The Cleveland Indians recorded their first winning season as the Broncos in 1902 but failed to qualify for the playoffs. The team did not qualify for the playoffs all the way till 1919 but a few significant occurrences had taken place during that time.

Lee Fohl had become the manager in 1915 and he brought on board players like Tris Speaker, Jim Bagby and Stan Covelski. Speaker was then handed dual responsibilities of being a player and the manager in 1919. That was to lead to their first successful season.

The first World Series

1920 turned out to be the year that put Cleveland Indians on the map for the first time. They won the pennant that season and then went on to take on the Brooklyn Robins in the World Series. The Indians were 2-1 down in the series but rallied back to win four games in succession to clinch their inaugural World Series triumph.

Dark before dawn

The Cleveland Indians lost their way after 1920. They did not even qualify for the playoffs all the way till 1948. The Indians had been bought by Bill Veeck in 1946 and his involvement had begun to steady the ship. They had also bought Larry Doby (1947) and Satchel Paige (1948) from the Negro League to play a big part in breaking the racial divide.

The Cleveland Indians were flying again and won the AL Pennant and the World Series in 1948. They won another pennant in 1954 before hitting another prolonged lean patch.

Another lean patch and more success

Just like it had happened after their World Series win in 1920, the Indians form began to suffer once again. Yes, they won a pennant in 1954 and went to the World Series that year but that is as good as it got for them for a good few years.

The Cleveland Indians then hit form once again in 1995. That year saw them win their first division championship. The Indians also won their first AL Pennant since 1954 that season too. They however came up short against the Braves in the World Series.

The Indians won four more division titles between 1996 and 1999. They also got their hands on an AL Pennant in 1997. They lost the World Series to the Marlins in 1997 too.

2000s onwards

The Cleveland Indians clinched the division crown in 2001 and added two more to the collection in 2007 and 2016. They also won their sixth AL Pennant in 2016. The World Series has proved a step too far for the Indians. Their 1948 triumph remains their last World Series victory.

The Cleveland Indians have headlined three World Series since 1948 but have come up short on each occasion. This campaign and the next few seasons will be very important for the Cleveland Indians. This is their chance to end their World Series jinx but will they be able to do that remains to be seen. You can now buy Cleveland Indians tickets to see how they perform this season.