Cleveland Browns Tickets

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Browns play in the National Football League (NFL) and are a member of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division. The Browns are one of the more successful teams playing in the league at the moment. They have won four NFL championships. Having made it to the playoffs 28 times, the Cleveland Browns also suffer from the second worst playoff drought in the NFL. The last time the Browns made it to the playoffs was in 2002 when they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns are unique in a way that their name ‘Brown’ refers to their first coach Paul Brown. The team also does not display its logo on their helmets. With a cavalcade of players inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame throughout its history, Cleveland Browns tickets are still a sought after commodity among football fans.

The Early Days

After securing the rights to a Cleveland franchise in 1944, Arthur B.‘Mickey’McBride’s first order of business was to appoint Ohio State Buckeyes coach Paul Brown as head coach and general manager. Brown was also eligible for a share in profits from the franchise. Coming in with an impressive resume, Brown made his presence felt at the club immediately. First off there was the business of giving the franchise a name. The franchise along with the Cleveland Plain Dealer held a contest asking the public to name the club. The name ‘Panthers’ got the most votes with ‘Browns’ – in reference to Paul Brown - coming in second. When the name ‘Panthers’ could not be acquired due to copyright issues, much to Brown’s dismay, the name ‘Browns’ was unanimously decided. Cleveland Browns was decided as the franchise’s name in 1945.

Brown’s AAFC Dominance

Since the team’s founding, the Browns were a member of the All-American Football Conference (AAFC). Even though the AAFC folded in just four seasons, the Browns dominated the league that included teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Seahawks. From the league’s inaugural season to their last, the Browns won 52, lost four and tied three. Cleveland Browns won all four AAFC championships where they defeated the New York Yankees, Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. The Browns exceptional performance in the AAFC earned them a place in the NFL. Along with the Browns, the San Francisco 49ers was the other team that made it into the NFL. After the dissolution of AAFC 1946, the Browns continued their success in the NFL.

The Browns take on the NFL

As opposed to the AAFC, the NFL presented a more competitive pool. The 1950 season of the NFL included seven teams with three new additions – San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns. The Browns inaugural season at the NFL was highly successful. The team presented a powerful offense in the form of Graham, Lavelli, Motley and Groza. The Brown silenced their critics when they defeated two time defending champions Philadelphia Eagles 35-10 in front of seventy thousand plus fans in their first NFL game. The Browns finished their first season in the NFL with 10 wins and 2 losses. They also went on to win the NFL Championship by beating the New York Giants in the playoffs 8-3 and the LA Rams 30-28 in a thrilling final. Groza with his last minute field goal confirmed Brown’s place as the best team in the NFL.           

The 1951 NFL season looked promising for the Browns as well. Winning 11 of their games and losing only 1, the Cleveland Browns looked all set to win the NFL Championship again. In the finals, however, the Browns got the better of the LA Rams with final score at 17-24. Although it was a disappointing finish to a wildly successful season for the Browns, the only consolation was Paul Brown getting the Coach of the Year Award and Otto Graham becoming MVP. 1952 presented a similar story as the Browns won 8 games and lost 4 in the regular season. In the finals, the Browns lost to the Detroit Lions 7-17. 1953 again saw the Browns having an exceptional regular season with only 1 loss and 11 wins. However, again the Browns lost to the Detroit Lions 16-17. This was an extremely close game that saw the Lions defensive backfield become the deciding factor. The Browns made a comeback in the 1954 and 1955 season. Both wins were particularly special as the Browns convincingly defeated Lions 56-10 in 1954. And in 1955 they overpowered the LA Rams 38-14. The Browns would reach the NFL finals again in 1957 and 1958, but would lose to the Lions and Giants respectively. The Cleveland Browns last NFL Championship would come in 1964 against the Baltimore Colts. This would be the last time the Browns would win the NFL Championship.

Browns after the NFL Championships

1964 might have been the last season the Browns won the NFL Championship however, the team was able to make it to the playoffs on fifteen occasions after the win. But they were unable to convert any of those appearances into NFL Championships. The 2002 season was the last time the Browns made it to the playoffs. As a Wild Card entry they were defeated by the Pittsburg Steelers after a close 33-36 game. The Buffalo Bills is the only team with the longer playoff drought with 17 seasons than the Browns – The Browns are at 14 seasons and counting.

All is not lost for the Browns. The current crop of Cleveland Brown players are expected to turn things around. One player in the 2016 lineup to look out for is Gary Barnidge. The 6 foot 6 inches, 250 lbs Tight End from Bowling Green, Kentucky, is making all the right plays. In the 2015 season, Barnidge finished with 79 receptions for 1,043 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He is expected to make a big difference in the Browns lineup over the next few seasons.

The Cleveland Browns may not be the football dynasty it once was, however anyone who knows football is aware that it takes only a couple of plays to turn a season around. If you’re looking to witness that moment, then get the Cleveland Browns tickets from here.