Charlotte Hornets Tickets

Ever wondered how the city of Charlotte got its nick name ‘The Hornet’s Nest’? During the Revolutionary War the British were met with stiff resistance in North Carolina, especially in the city of Charlotte. It was British Commander General Charles Cornwallis who called it a ‘Hornet’s Nest’ when he was driven out by its hostile residents.  In addition to defiance, the city of Charlotte has a proud history of community support and basketball. This is why it should come as no surprise that the Charlotte Hornet’s fans are considered to be the most loyal and passionate in the NBA. If you are interesting in getting charlotte hornets tickets, click here.

The Realization of an Idea

The idea for a basketball team for Charlotte was thought up in 1985. George Shinn, a local entrepreneur, realized the need for the city of Charlotte to have its own basketball team. One of the reasons for this idea was the exciting college basketball scene in the city. The four North Carolina teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference and local teams already enjoyed a large and loyal fan base. What the city now needed was a basketball team they could call their own. The idea came to fruition when the Charlotte Coliseum aka The Hive, a 24,000 capacity state of the art arena became the home for the team. On April 5, 1987 NBA Commissioner David Stern informed Shinn that the city had been awarded the 24th franchise of the league. This led the city of Charlotte being included in 1988 NBA season.

The son of a Pro football player, Kelly Tripucka led the rookie team into their first season. Even though the Hornets had a fairly forgettable first season, a shining moment for the team and the franchise came when they defeated Chicago Bulls 103 – 101 with Michael Jordan in the lineup. Their win at the buzzer gave the fans and the city of Charlotte a much needed dose of confidence in the team and its players. From 1988 – 1991, the Hornets didn’t achieve much success. They failed to make it to the playoffs and the team faced internal problems as well. This didn’t discourage the fans however. The Coliseum which in the beginning was considered to be too big, led the league in attendance. It was also able to sell out 364 consecutive games, which in total makes it nine seasons on the trot. The verdict was in, even though the Hornets tally in their first season was 62 losses and 20 wins, the fans of basketball in Charlotte wanted more.    

Successes and Failures

Breaking attendance records wasn’t enough for the Hornets. Having been awarded the first pick in the 1991 NBA draft, the Hornets chose Larry Johnson, a power forward from the University of Nevada. Johnson had an immediate impact and ended his first season among the top in the league in points and rebounds. He also won the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1992. Kendal Gill was another player who stood out for the Hornets. He led the team in scoring and averaged 20 points per game. Still, the team could not qualify for the playoffs. However, one thing was for sure, the Hornets were making the right decisions and slowly were improving their game.  It all paid off in the end when the team in the fifth season finished with a 44 – 38 record. This allowed the Hornets to achieve their first ever playoff berth in 1992. Since 1992, the Hornets have made it into the playoffs nine times, reaching the Conference Semi Finals four times.   

Since the franchise’s establishment, the Hornets have gone through a number of changes. The final years of the original Hornets were turbulent. This has had a lot to do with player transfers, coach changes and the untimely death of top reserve Bobby Phills. Most of all the change had a lot to with its owner George Shinn. Since Shinn played an instrumental role in establishing the Hornets, through the years, he suffered from bad press. Although the fans still wanted to see basketball in their city, they felt Shinn had tarnished the Hornet’s legacy through unpopular player moves and personal scandals. After a public struggle which saw Shinn threatening to move the Hornets to another city, the team was rebranded as the Bobcats and was taken over by Robert L. Johnson with Michael Jordan becoming a minority stake holder. Jordan would ultimately buy the team from Johnson in 2010, becoming the first former NBA player to own an NBA franchise.   

What the Future Looks Like For the Hornets

The future looks bright for both the Hornets and her fans. Over the last five seasons, the Hornets have reached the playoffs three times. Although they were not able to convert those appearances into semi final and final slots, they gave the Miami Heat a tough time when they won three games on the trot in their 3 – 4 loss in 2015 – 2016. And with Steve Clifford at the helm, the Hornets have successfully become one of the top five defensive teams in the NBA. Clifford has a wealth of experience which will definitely come in handy. His tenure as assistant coach with the Lakers and Orlando Magic has given him the exposure a coach needs to lift the NBA title.

The city of Charlotte has a rich history in basketball. One reason for it is Michael Jordan. Now the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, Jordan and his team are bringing their own style of basketball to North Carolina. This is one of the main reasons why Charlotte remains a basketball loving city and Charlotte Hornet tickets are hard to come by, especially during season.