The Book of Mormon Tickets

What do religion, satire, Ugandan warlords and Broadway have in common? The Book of Mormon! The Broadway musical has garnered universal critical acclaim and unprecedented commercial success ever since it first opened in 2011. A brainchild of the creators, South Park, the musical is guaranteed to leave the audience in stitches. So get The Book of Mormon tickets in time and enjoy the show live.



The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker teamed up with composer and lyricist Robert Lopez to write the musical.

Parker had a background in musical theater before he met Stone in high school. He was a pianist at the chorus in his community and had aided in local theater productions. Parker and Stone became friends at the University of Colorado and first worked together on a project at the same college. Their first collaboration was, Cannibal! The Musical, a musical film released in 1993.

After graduating college, the two created South Park in 1997. The animated comedy show aired on Comedy Central and became a huge hit. Stone and Parker capitalized on the show’s success and created another musical film, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Parker and Stone first decided to fictionalize the leader and founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, while working on a series about historical figures. The two released a film, Orgazmo, in 1998, which satirized Mormonism and later dedicated an entire episode of South Park to the topic.

In 2003, the duo was discussing a new project with producer Scott Rudin, when he advised them to watch the new musical Avenue Q on Broadway. The writers and composers of Avenue Q, Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, spotted the duo in the audience and introduced themselves. Later, over drinks, it emerged that both parties wanted to do a project on Joseph Smith and it was agreed that they work on it together.

After carrying out research on their subject matter, Parker and Stone flew to London to meet Lopez, who was busy with the West End production of Avenue Q. The three of them co-wrote a few songs and sketched out the basic story.

For the next few years, the trio met regularly to complete the project. The musical was initially called The Book of Mormon: The Musical of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but was later shortened to just The Book of Mormon.

The musical opened for previews on February 24th and eventually premiered at the Eugene O’Neill Theater on Broadway on March 24th, 2011.

The set for the musical was designed by Scott Pask, while Ann Roth created the vibrant costumes. Lighting for the show was designed by Brian MacDevitt while Brian Ronan did the show’s sound. The show’s vocal arranger and music director was Stephen Oremus, who also co-created the orchestrations alongside Larry Hochman. Casey Nicholaw choreographed the songs, while Nicholaw and Trey Parker directed the production.


The story revolves around two Mormon missionaries, Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham, who are sent to Uganda to spread the word of god. According to mission rule 72, they cannot leave each other’s side except to go to the bathroom.

Upon their arrival, the two excited missionaries learn that the people of the region are not very concerned about religion and are plagued by social dilemmas like poverty, AIDS and famine. On top of that, they are ruled over by an evil warlord who is a murderous tyrant, bent upon making the lives of the people miserable.

The two missionaries have to deal with both these issues, along with a host of other problems to get their message across to the people.

Main Characters

Elder Kevin Price:

One of the lead actors in the musical, Kevin Price is an eager, enthusiastic missionary, whose main aim is to be sent to Orlando. However, he ends up being stationed in Uganda.

Kevin Price was played by Andrew Rannells in the original Broadway production and is currently portrayed by Nic Rouleau.

Elder Arnold Cunningham:

The second lead character in the musical, Arnold Cunningham is another missionary, who is also sent to Uganda alongside Price. Cunningham usually preaches by incorporating characters and stories from popular culture in his sermons. The stories and characters are often taken from The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

The character was first performed on Broadway by Josh Gad and is currently being played by Christopher John O’ Neill.


Nabulungi is a girl the missionaries meet during their time in Uganda. She is the daughter of Mafala Hatimbi and her dream in life is to move to Sal Tlay Ka Siti (Salt Lake City).

Nabulungi was originally played by the beautiful Nikki M. James on Broadway and the character is currently being portrayed by Nikki Renee Daniels.

Elder McKinley:

McKinley has been stationed at Uganda for a long time and is the leading Mormon Elder and District Leader in Uganda. Elder McKinley has homosexual tendencies, but has repressed those feelings.

The actor who plays Elder McKinley also portrays Elder Green and Angel Moroni.

The character was originated by Rory O’Malley in the original Broadway production and is currently being portrayed by Grey Henson.

Mafala Hatimbi:

Hatimbi is a Ugandan national and acts as the tour guide for Price and Cunningham. He is also Nabulani’s father.

The actor, who portrays Hatimbi, also portrays Johnnie Cochran in the musical.

Michael Potts originated the character and it is currently being played by Daniel Breaker.

Mission President:

The Mission President is the leader of the missionaries and the person who appoints Price and Cunningham to Uganda.

The actor who portrays the President also plays the roles of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and Price’s Dad.

Broadway veteran Lewis Cleale originated the role of the Mission President and he still plays in during the current Broadway iteration of the show.

Evil Warlord:

The evil warlord is a murderous despot, who terrorizes the people of the village which Cunningham and Price are sent to.

The actor who portrays him also plays the role of Lucifer.

Brian Tyree Henry played the character in the original Broadway production, while Derrick Williams currently portrays him.


The musical opened to rave reviews and critical praise from the theater fraternity. The plot, direction, score, choreography and the performances were all praised, with most critics calling it the best production of the year.

Vogue Magazine went so far as to call it, “possibly the funniest musical ever.” The magazine also noted how the show managed to strike a delicate balance between offensive content and heartwarming comedy.

The New York Times, in their review of the show praised the overall spectacle and stated the show “both makes fun of and ardently embraces the all-American art form of the inspirational book musical.”

John Stewart, host of The Daily Show, invited Trey and Parker to the show and spent the entirety of the interview praising the show and their creative efforts.

The Los Angeles Times specially praised the music of the show and claimed that the songs are “as catchy as they are clever.”

Awards and Accolades: It was unsurprising, given the widespread praise for the musical, that it would be a heavy favorite for the major theater awards. In 2011, the musical was nominated for thirteen Tony Awards, twelve Drama Desk Awards, six Outer Critics Circle Awards and in 2012 it was nominated for a Grammy and won in the “Best Musical Theatre Album” category.

Tony Awards: Out of thirteen nominations, the musical won nine awards. These include: “Best Musical”, “Best Book of a Musical” (Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone), “Best Original Score” (Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone), “Best Featured Actress in a Musical” Nikki M. James),“Best Direction of a Musical” (Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker), “Best Orchestrations” (Larry Hochman and Stephen Oremus),“Best Scenic Design ” (Scott Pask), “Best Lighting Design” (Brian McDevitt) and “Best Sound Design” (Brian Ronan).

Drama Desk Awards: Out of twelve nominations, the musical won five awards including: “Best musical”, “Outstanding Director of a Musical”, “Outstanding Lyrics”, “Outstanding Music” and “Outstanding Orchestrations” (Larry Hochman and Stephen Oremus).

Outer Critics Circle Awards: Out of six nominations, the musical won four awards including: “Outstanding New Broadway Musical”, “Outstanding New Score”, “Outstanding Director of a Musical” and “Outstanding Actor in a Musical” (Josh Gad).

Grammy Awards: The Book of Mormon won the 2012 Grammy Award for “Best Musical Theater Album”. The cast recording was a hit with the general public and managed to reach number three on the Billboard charts. This is the highest position a Broadway cast recording had reached in more than four decades.


US Tour:

Based on the success of the Broadway production, the show was adapted for a national US tour in 2012. The tour was headlined by Gavin Creel (who played Price) and Jared Gertner (who played Cunningham).

The tour began previews in August 2012 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts before moving to Los Angeles’ Pantages Theater. The tour stopped in most major cities nationwide, including San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Cleveland, Boston Detroit and Pittsburgh among others. The show also played in Salt Lake City, the one city Nabulungi dreams of visiting in the story.


The first sit-down production of the show was staged in Chicago, as part of the Broadway in Chicago event. The production opened at the Bank of America Theater and officially ran from December 11th, 2012 to October 6th, 2013.

Once the Chicago show wrapped up, it went on a second national US tour, which still continues today.

West End:

The show opened at London’s famous West End at the Prince of Wales Theater on February 25th, 2013. Jared Gertner and Gavin Creel, who headline the North American tour, reprised their roles in this production. The reviews for the West End production were quite similar to the Broadway ones and the show was voted as the Funniest West End Show during the 2014 West End Frame Awards.

The production went on to win four Laurence Olivier Awards in 2014, including awards for Best Musical, Best Actor in a Musical (Gavin Creel), Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Stephen Ashfield) and Best Theater Choreographer (Casey Nicholaw).

The show continues to run at the Prince of Wales Theater and is expected to run till June 2016. The Book of Mormon has undoubtedly been a huge success. The wonderfully creative characters, songs, sets, music, lights and choreography all mesh in together seamlessly to give the audience a night they are sure to remember for a long time. It hardly comes as a surprise then that The Book of Mormon tickets continue to be in demand all the time. Whether it’s the Broadway production, or one of the National Tour shows, be sure to watch the musical to enjoy a wonderful theater experience.