Blue October Tickets

With Justin Furstenfeld on the lead vocals and guitar and brother Jeremy Furstenfeld on drums and percussions, Blue October is an alternative rock band from Houston, Texas. Formed in 1995, Blue October, in addition to the Furstenfeld brothers, consists of Ryan Delahoussaye, Mathew Ostrander and Matt Noveskey. The band has performed on the Late Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Blue October has released seven studio albums to date. They released ‘Foiled’ in 2006 which was certified platinum and went on to sell 1.4 million albums in the US. Blue October has had eight Top 40 singles over their seven studio albums.

In addition to the seven studio albums, Blue October has also released three live albums, sixteen music videos, three live albums, twenty-one singles and one video album. If you’re a fan of this Houston based alternative rock band, then get your Blue October tickets here.

Origins of Blue October

Blue October was formed as a result of Justin Furstenfeld and Ryan Delahoussaye meeting in high school. Even though the two had played together in a band called ‘Harvest’ in the past, Blue October officially brought these two artists together. The next member to join the band was Matt Noveskey who had to take a break due to personal reasons just before recording their third studio album ‘History for Sale’. Dwayne Casey and then Piper Skih stepped in for Noveskey before he came back in late 2005. Brant Coulter, C.B. Hudson, Julian Mandrake and Mathew Ostrander have all played guitar and lead guitar for the band. Currently, Ostrander is Blue October’s lead guitarist. Jeremy Furstenfeld plays the drum. He was the fourth member to be recruited after his brother persuaded him to play the drums when the band was just starting out.

Origins of the Band’s Name

There are many versions of how the name ‘Blue October’ came about. When Justin Furstenfeld was asked about the inspiration behind the band’s name, he said it had a lot to do with his state of mind during a period when he was dabbling in things he shouldn’t have been dabbling in. He further explained that during a particular month of October when he was extremely low, Furstenfeld decided to turn his life around and focus all the negative energy he had into something positive. Music, in other words, became an outlet to get rid of all the negativity in his life. Blue October is a reference to the dark period Justin was going through.

Band’s First Releases

Since their formation in the fall of 1995, The Answers was the first album released by Blue October in 1998 through Scoop Records. Produced by Brian Baker and Justin Furstenfeld, the album was unable to make much of a mark. Many songs on the album dealt with themes of depression and suicide. The band’s second album Consent to Treatment was released in 2000 under Universal/Listen Up Records. Produced by Nick Launay, all fourteen tracks on the album were written by Justin Furstenfeld except for ‘James’ which was co written by Matt Noveskey. Noveskey credits Launay’s nurturing nature during the production process as the reason for his interest in pursuing a career as a producer. History for Sale was the band’s third album released in 2003 under the label Brando/Universal Records. Produced by David Castell and Justin Furstenfeld, the album included twelve tracks written mostly by Justin with contributions from Blue Miller, Delahoussaye, Noveskey, Miekos Mueller and Hudson. The 2003 Houston Press Music Awards voted History of Sale as the best album. This would turn out to be a watershed moment for the young band.


Released on April 4, 2006, Foiled was Blue October’s fourth studio album. Produced again by David Castell and Justin Furstenfeld, the album was released under the Universal Records banner. Foiled turned out to be the most successful album for Blue October. It was certified Gold in the US on August 9, 2006 and Platinum on February 22, 2007. Recorded during the summer of 2005, the album contains thirteen tracks, with the most popular being She’s my Ride Home, Into the Ocean and Hate Me. The tracks were mostly written by Justin Furstenfeld with notable contributions from Noveskey and Hudson. Foiled is still Blue October’s highest selling album. It reached at number 29 on the Billboard 200, number 8 on the Billboard Charts, number 21 on the Canadian Album Charts and number 40 on the Recorded Music NZ Charts. After eleven years of producing music and albums, Foiled turned out to be the breakout album for Blue October. This album essentially placed the band in the mainstream with the band making appearances on a number of shows and with their music being featured in feature films.

Since Foiled, Blue October has released some more albums. These include Approaching Normal, Any Man in America, Sway and Home. All of these albums have charted on the US Billboard 200 Charts. October Sky’s sound has been described as a reminder of past progressive rock acts such as the Genesis and The Smiths. Justin Furstenfeld credits these bands as an inspiration. This Texas based band creates a moody atmospheric pressure with their music which is rife with deep lyrics and stimulating guitar play.     

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