Avery Sunshine Tickets

Avery Sunshine, born as Denise Nicole White, is an American R&B and soul singer from Chester, Pennsylvania. Avery had a knack for music from a very young age, and started playing the piano when she was just 8 years old. Since then, her musical talents have only developed further and made her into one of the most accomplished artists of this age. Launching her career in 1993 through singing in her school choir, Avery Sunshine has come a long way. She now has an avid fan following and is popular among all age groups. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Avery Sunshine tickets sell out quite quickly.

The Career of Avery Sunshine

While still in college, Avery formed a gospel and R&B singing duo called DaisyRew with a vocal major, Nkenge Wilson. The duo performed in various locations – churches, clubs and cafes. The duo also performed in Africa. DaisyRew managed to get a few performances at the Apache Café, which was famous for having launched the careers of several big artists, include India Arie.

While working at a church, Avery met guitarist, songwriter and producer, Dana Johnson. Soon, the three artists began working on music together. Soon after this, Avery was cast in a Broadway production and she left for New York. This is around the time that she adopted the name Avery Sunshine.

While working on Broadway, Avery still continued to work with Dana Johnson, and recorded a song called “Stalker” in 2005. The track became a hit on a Japanese record label and resulted in a number of live performances in Japan.

Soon after this, Avery and Johnson began working on the debut album, AverySunshine, set to be released in 2010 on their own label, BigShine. The album had guest appearances by several artists, such as the pianist Takana Miyamoto and Christian McBride. This album received highly positive reviews from fans and critics alike with USA Today calling it “refreshingly original”. The Washington Post also praised it as “a radiant brand of soul”.

Avery has recorded a lot of songs in the years she has been an active singer. These include famous numbers like, “All in My Head”, “The Most”, “Big Mama”, “Call My Name” and “Sweet Afternoon”.

Between 2010 and late 2013, Avery Sunshine tour dates were nearly back to back. The consistent touring throughout the country increased the artist’s fame tremendously and made her a household name.

Awards and Accolades

Over the years, the singer has won many awards. She won the iTunes Best of 2010 honor, Soultracks Reader’s Choice Best New Artist Award, Jet Top 5 Rising Indie Artists and Creative Loafing Album of the Year Selection Award.

Avery Sunshine in 2017

The R&B artist is all prepared to tour around the US in the summer of 2017. She will be travelling to various cities, including Atlanta, Annapolis, Chicago, Alexandria, New York, Oakland, Portland and Seattle. In addition to the US, part of the tour would also cover cities in China, since the artist has a certain amount of fan following there as well. Avery Sunshine tickets for these shows are expected to sell out fast and they are available here.