Atlanta Falcons Tickets

Founded in 1966 by the legendary Rankin M. Smith, the Atlanta Falcons have since managed to amass a huge fan following. Smith started sowing the seeds long before 1966 that would see professional football finally make its way into Atlanta, a previously unchartered territory. At that time, Smith paid the highest price in the history of NFL for this franchise that saw the popular game come to Atlanta. And the glamour didn’t just stop there. Years later in 1992, the spectacular Georgia Dome opened its doors to give the Falcons one of the most fan-friendly stadiums in the entire country. With a great history and an amazing stadium to call home, it is no wonder that Atlanta Falcons tickets sell out as quick as they do. Their fans are known to be among the most ambitious and enthusiastic folks around. And with a team this great, who can blame them for their continued valor.

Let’s take a look at the illustrious history of these fiery falcons.

1966 – Starting Out Steady

After the coveted $8.5 million purchase, the franchise went strong into its first season. An average of 52,526 people filled the Atlanta Stadium to watch the new team play their first season ever. The Atlanta Falcons got their first ever victory against the famous New York Giants at the Yankee Stadium. They finished seventh out of the eight teams.

1967 –A Slight Downturn

The 1967 season was a bit of a disappointment, as the Falcons finished the season at 1-12-1. However, even though the big picture looked sad, there were small glimpses of amazing performances by LB Tommy Nobis and RB Junior Coffey as the former was named to his second Pro Bowl, while the latter finished the league as the Falcon’s Most Valuable Player.

1968 –More Awards for the Players

This season saw the players get more limelight than the team’s performance. DE Claude Humphrey was voted the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Billy Lothridge won his second consecutive NFL punting championship and the LB Tommy Nobis, was still as promising as ever, as he was named for the Pro Bowl for the third time.

1969 – Season Opener Victory

This season saw the Atlanta Falcons open their season with a victory, for the first time. And not only that, the 1969 season saw the team finish in its highest place to date in the Coastal Division. Seven of the players were named to the Pro Bowl and things started to look really good for the whole team.

1970 – Bigger Viewership and Better Results

With more than 30 million fans watching the Falcons face off with the Dolphins in Atlanta’s first game nationally on Monday Night Football, the team’s fame was on the rise and there was no denying it. They finished this season at 4-8-2 and were well on their way to future glory.

1971 – Ticket Price Increases and Other Changes

For the first time in the history of the franchise, their ticket prices saw an increase. The training home of the team shifted to the Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. And the team’s uniform also changed as they switched to red jerseys. The Falcons also bagged their first nationally televised victory over Green Bay.

1972 – 1976: New Records, Coach Changes and Better Standing

1972 saw the team bring on four veterans to the roster, improving the team’s strength substantially. October 11 of this year saw the team’s first victory ever over the Rams. The next year was even greater for the Falcons as they smashed 35 team records and even beat the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings in one of the biggest and most dramatic comebacks in the club’s history. The team finished the 1973 season 9-5. In 1974, Marion Campbell became the team’s head coach after Norm Van Brocklin got fired. 1975 saw the RB Dave Hampton crack the highly elusive 1,000 yards Club. The team had two players selected to the Pro Bowl in this year. In 1976, the recently appointed coach got sacked, thanks to the team’s poor performance in five starts. The newly appointed Pat Peppler helped the Falcons finish 4-10 in the season.

1977 – 1987: New Grounds, Uniforms and Consistent Performances

The Falcons announced plans to create a new all-year-round training facility for the team to be constructed in Suwanee, Georgia. New uniforms were also unveiled and the team faced their first ever shutout in Atlanta-Fulton County with a 14-0 defeat of Detroit. The team set several new records in the 1979 season thanks to Andrews’ 1,023 yards rushing, and WR Wallace Francis with 74 catches for 1,013 yards among others. The Falcons finished this season 6-10. 1980 started off really well for the team as they went on a nine-game winning streak, finishing with a 12-4 record that got the team their first ever NFC Western Division title. The next year Falcons finished 7-9 and had a record 7 members on the Pro Bowl. In 1983, the Falcons finished with the same standing as a new head coach, Dan Henning, took over the team. A notable moment for this year was Jeff Van Note starting his 200th game as part of the team on December 18. 1984 saw the leading rusher William Andrews out for the season with a knee injury, but the team nonetheless pulled through. The team finished the year at 4-12. 1985 was a year more known for the behind-the-scenes changes as Eddie LaBaron, the Vice President and CEO got dismissed and the former coach Marion Campbell was hired back as a defensive coordinator. Falcons finished this season at 4-12 again. 1986 started off with a bang, making it the best-ever start in the history of the club. The year 1987 saw Marion Campbell at the head coach position one more time and the Falcons end the season with a 3-12 record, with G Bill Fralic and Riggs getting named to the Pro Bowl.

1988 – 1998: 25th Anniversary Season , the Georgia Dome and Founder’s Passing

The defense of the Falcons was improving as the 90’s were just around the corner. The ’88 campaign ended at 5-11, with CB Scott Case getting a spot in the Pro Bowl by being named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month of November. 1989 saw the resignation of the head coach Marion Campbell as the team ended the season with a 3-13 record. Jerry Glanville ended up becoming the team’s 9th head coach in franchise history as the team announced plans for their 25th Anniversary season. The team finished the year 5-11. In 1991, the Falcons were one of the most exciting teams of the season as they won six straight games. They also won eight of their last 11 games. They played in front of a sold out crowd as they defeated Seattle, 26-13. In 1992, another sold out crowd saw the Falcons win their first ever game at the newly constructed Georgia Dome. They finished this season 6 -10. 1993 saw the continuation of Atlanta’s strong offence with more than 300 points for the fourth consecutive season. The team ended this season with a 6-10 as well. In 1994, June Jones was appointed the 10th head coach for the Falcons and saw the team finish with a 7-9 record. 1995 would be Atlanta’s first playoff season since 1991 and they ended it with a 9-7 record as they established some franchise records along the way. The next year, 1996, was not a good year for the team as they ended up with the third poorest winning percentage in team history. The head coach June Jones was dismissed from the team following the poor performance. 1997 season started as Dan Reeves was named the 11th head coach in the franchise history. This was a particularly sad season for the team as their founder passed away on October 26 from heart complications, just hours before the team was set to play a nationally televised game.

1998 – 2008: Poor Performances and Injury-Plagued Seasons

The team hit a franchise record with a 14-2 in 1998, followed by a highly disappointing 5-11 record in 1999. The turn of the millennium was not good at all for the team as they took a turn for the worse and ended the season with a 4-12 final record. The 2001 season was not that much better either as the Falcons ended with a 7-9 record. The 2002 games were all sold out as the fans showed their undying enthusiasm. The team finished this season with a team-record 23 rushing touchdowns. The year 2003 was not good as injuries and a lack of consistency plagued their performance throughout the season. They ended at 5-11. 2004 was relatively better, under the head coach Jim Mora’s fiery and motivating approach to coaching. The next year continued to be good for the team, despite quite a few injuries. 2006 saw the dismissal of the head coach Jim Mora after three years following the 7-9 season. The season saw Falcons lead the NFL in rushing one more time with a franchise record of 2,939 yards. The 2007 season was also plagued with injuries with 16 players on injured reserve, including seven starters. However, the Falcons still managed to get some positive results. 2008 was nearly average for the team as well, as they ended up with 11-5 regular season record.

2009 – Present: Better Times

The team ended the 2009 season with a 9-7 record, three consecutive victories and a series sweep over NFC South Division opponent, Tampa Bay. 2010 was a good year for the team as they finished the regular season with a 13-3 record, making it the team’s second highest win total. They also claimed the NFC South title. The 2011 saw the team continue its good run with a 10-6 record. The Falcons also clinched a playoff berth for the third time in four seasons. The Atlanta Falcons finished the 2012 season with a 14-4 overall record. 2013 season saw the Falcons finish at 4-12. Despite a year marred with struggles, the teams still managed to show some positive aspects, as TE Tony Gonzalez finished his career with a strong season, catching 83 passes for 859 yards. 2014 wasn’t so great for the club either as they finished with a 6-10 overall record, leading into their 2015 season, under the head coach Dan Quinn. Atlanta finished this season with an 8-8 record.

And now the team is all set to make some waves in the 2016 season. These Atlanta Falcons tickets are selling out fast and there is no confusion as to why. With such a long and interesting history and so many ups and downs over the years, it is no surprise that the fans are all excited to see their favorite team play this season. In 51 years, the Falcons have managed a record of 316-414-6 and have won division championships in 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2012. Who knows what this season will bring, but the team has been in pretty good shape! So whether you happen to be a fan or a rival, you might want to gear up for the 2016 season.