Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets

The Arizona Diamondbacks along with the Tampa Bay Rays are the youngest Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. Established in 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks or the D-backs, are based in Phoenix, Arizona. They compete in the National League (NL) West division and play their home games at Chase Field. Unlike other expansion teams, the Diamondbacks have been successful from the get go. They have won one World Series Championship and one NL Pennant in 2001. In addition, they have won five West Division titles. If you are looking for the Arizona Diamondbacks tickets, they are available here.


The Major League Baseball (MLB) granted Arizona an expansion team on March 9, 1995. The management paid MLB $130 million franchise fee and the team was officially voted into the National League (NL). Named the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team was allowed to play its inaugural season in 1998.

The Diamondbacks: First Decade

The Diamondbacks are an unusual expansion team. Expansion teams start off slowly, most, if not all, have to endure losing seasons, before making the playoffs, but not the Diamondbacks.

The D-backs played their inaugural season in 1998 and finished 5th in their division. They won 65 games and lost 97. Their winning percentage was .401. In 1999, the D-backs won 100 games and lost 62. They stood first in the NL West division. They also qualified for the playoffs. The D-backs however lost to the New York Mets 3-1 in the National League Division Series (NLDS). Despite the loss, the Diamondbacks’ star-pitcher, Randy Johnson won the Cy Young Award. The Award is only given to the best pitchers in the MLB.

The 2000 MLB season was also a winning season for the D-backs. They won 85 games and lost 77. Their winning percentage was .525 and they stood 3rd in their division. However, despite a winning season, the D-backs could not qualify for the playoffs. Randy Johnson won the Cy Young Award again.

In 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks won 92 and lost 70 regular season games. This was enough to win the NL West division. Their winning percentage was .568. With this record, the D-backs advanced into the playoffs and faced the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. The Cardinals were defeated 3-2 and the D-backs advanced into the National League Championship Series (NLCS). For the 2001 NLCS title, the D-backs faced the Atlanta Braves. The Braves were defeated 4-1 and the Diamondbacks saw themselves advancing in the World Series for the first time. They won the World Series by defeating the New York Yankees 4-3. Randy Johnson won his third consecutive Cy Young Award.

In 2002, the Arizona Diamondbacks did not lose momentum and once again won their division. They won 98 games and lost 64. Their winning percentage was .605. The team once again advanced into the playoffs, but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 in the NLDS.

The Diamondbacks slumped for the next 4 seasons, in which they could not qualify for the post-season. In 2007, however, they came close to having another shot at the World Series, but could not get passed the NLCS, where they were defeated by the Colorado Rockies.

The D-backs’ 2008 season was successful as they finished 2nd in their league, but could not advance to the playoffs.

The Diamondbacks: Present

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons, the Arizona Diamondbacks stood 2nd, 5th and 5th in their division and could not make it to the playoffs. In 2011, however, they won the NL West division title by winning 94 games. In the playoffs, the D-backs faced the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers defeated the D-backs 3-2 in the NLDS. The Diamondbacks have not made it to the playoffs since then. Looking to break their losing streak this season, it will be interesting to see how the team performs. If you are looking for the Arizona Diamondbacks tickets, they are on sale here.

A Young Rivalry

It is unusual for a new team to have a rivalry. However, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers games are always competitive and exciting to watch. While this rivalry lacks the historical depth enjoyed by some in the league, it has nevertheless, provided baseball fans with memorable moments.

Chase Field

Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks since 1998, Chase Field is the first stadium built in the US with a retractable roof over a natural-grass playing surface. Its seating capacity has been recently increased once again and it can now seat 48,686 baseball fans.