Arizona Cardinals Tickets

The fans of Arizona Cardinals know their team by many different names. The franchise started off as the Morgan Athletic Club, then it was the Normals, Racine Cardinals, Chicago Cardinals, St Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals and finally the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals is the oldest continuously operational sports franchise in the United States. It also holds the longest active championship drought record with 68 consecutive seasons without a championship. The Arizona Cardinals have a storied franchise full of moments of inspiration and heart break. They’ve won two NFL Championships with the last one in 1947, two decades before the first Super Bowl. From Hall of Famers to exciting games and controversies, the Cardinals have always been a team to watch. This is one of the reasons why Arizona Cardinals tickets are hard to come by.

The Beginning

The Arizona Cardinals started off as a neighborhood team in an Irish area of Chicago South Side. Known as the Morgan Athletic Club back then, the team was first acquired by a painting and decorating contractor Chris O’Brien. The Name was changed to the Normals after the team relocated to the Normal Field. The team’s eternal name the ‘Cardinals’ was a result of O’ Brien saying that the used maroon jerseys he acquired from the University of Chicago were actually ‘Cardinal Red’. Since then the franchise has had the word Cardinals in their name. This led to another name change and the Normals became the Racine Cardinals. In a time when organized football was not common, the Racine Cardinals disbanded only to reorganize in 1913. 1917 brought new changes that included new uniforms for the team and a coach. This was also the year when the Racine Cardinals lost only two games and won the Chicago Football League. The team had to halt operations again due to the First World War. However, not the one to give up, O’Brien brought the team together again 1918 and since the Cardinals have never had to disband again.

The growing popularity of the Racine Cardinals in Chicago led to the team becoming a charter member of the American Professional Football League. The franchise fee to join the league was a $100 in 1920. Being a forward thinker, O’Brien signed a John ‘Paddy’ Driscoll for $3,000 a year. Many at the time thought of the sum to be outlandish however, Driscoll proved to be worth every penny. Being one of the finest drop kicker, blocker, and runner, Driscoll also coached the Racine Cardinals 1921-22. 1922 brought another name change as a team from Racine, Wisconsin, joined the league. This led to the team changing to Chicago Cardinals. The Cardinals also moved to Comiskey Park which they would share with Chicago White Sox for 37 years. Three years later, the Chicago Cardinals won their first championship in 1925 after the Pottsville Maroons were suspended. The second time they would win the championship would be in 1947 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cardinals also made into the finals in 1948 however they were defeated by the Eagles 0-7. This led to years of bad performances and the Cardinals losing fans to the Chicago Bears. By the time the 50s rolled in, the Cardinals were almost out of money and the owners were looking for a new place to set camp.

Cardinals on the Move

As a rival football league (American Football League) started to get popular, the NFL allowed the Cardinals to move to St Louis, Missouri. This is where the franchise became the St Louis Cardinals. From 1960 to 1987, the Cardinals played at the Busch Memorial Stadium. The Cardinals stay at St Louis wasn’t successful. During their 28 year stay, the St Louis Cardinals reached the playoffs only three times in 1974, 1975 and 1982. They lost to the Minnesota Vikings in 1974, to Los Angeles Rams in 1975 and to Green Bay in 1982. The St Louis Cardinals were unable to make it to the second in all of these playoff appearances. After years of dismal performances and dwindling attendances, the owners decided to move again. Even though the plan was to move to Atlanta, in the summer of 1988, the St Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  

Becoming the Phoenix Cardinals, the team made the Sun Devil Stadium at the University of Arizona campus their new home. Things got off to a positive start as the Cardinals posted a 7-4 record, however due to injuries to key players, the team gave away five games on the trot. However, the franchise was able to rack up attendance records which included single game and single season records. In 1994, the franchise changed their name to suit their geographical location.

Recent Playoff Record

The Arizona Cardinals were able to make it to the playoffs in 1998, which ended a sixteen year drought. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys 20-7, but fell to Minnesota Vikings 21-41 in the second round. Since then, the Arizona Cardinals have reached the playoffs four times in 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2015. The Cardinals reached Super Bowl XLIII where they lost to the Pittsburg Steelers 23-27. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Cardinals in 2009 (14-45) in the second round. After losing to the Carolina Panthers in the first round in 2014, the Cardinals almost made it to Super Bowl 50 when they were defeated by the Panthers again in 2015.

The 2016 season may have resulted in the Cardinals watching the playoffs from the couch, however  quarterback Carson Palmer is hopeful about the future. Traditionally the Cardinals have been known as a defensive team, however after revamping their offensive line, the shape of this team may look different next season. This is what the Cardinals are hoping for. Going into the 2017 season, the Cardinals will see a more attacking team. And that would be the time to get Arizona Cardinals tickets before they sell out.