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Aaron Lewis is an American musician who used to be the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for a popular rock band, Staind. The singer-songwriter has since branched off into country music and recently started focusing on his solo career. He released his first solo country EP titled Town Line in 2011. His first full length studio album was released the following year and was called The Road. If you are a fan of Aaron Lewis and would like to learn more about him, his history, his music, as well as how to get the best Aaron Lewis tickets, continue reading.

About Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis was born in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and spent his childhood there. He later moved to Forest Park, Springfield for 8th grade and high school.

Music was something Lewis was always interested in. His other hobbies included hunting, fishing, playing golf, and riding his dirt bike. In his early years, he would play acoustic sets in local coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and pool houses while working odd jobs to make money.

Eventually, Lewis joined a band called J-CAT. The band consisted of Lewis, Chris Ballini, Tori Sands, and Jon Wysocki, who would later join him in Staind. The band never really took off.

Staind was formed in 1995. Lewis already knew Wysocki and would meet future lead guitarist for the band, Mike Mushok, in 1993. Plans for starting the band began at that time. He would go on to release seven full length studio albums with Staind and gain critical acclaim and fame. He has often been cited as one of the best vocalists in heavy metal/hard rock.

His lyrical style has been described as very honest and personal. In his earlier years, his lyrics dealt with the many family issues he struggled with. Although he doesn’t like divulging personal details, Lewis has said that during his childhood he felt very alone and depressed. His earlier lyrics reflected these themes. As the years have passed, Lewis’ lyrics have become more positive.

He has often stated that he doesn’t identify as a celebrity and is happy that he doesn’t often get recognized when he does out with his family.

The Staind Years

Staind was formed in 1995 and went on to release seven full length studio albums: Tormented (1996), Dysfunction (1999), Break the Cycle (2001), 14 Shades of Grey (2003), Chapter V (2005), The Illusion of Progress (2008), and Staind (2011).

In 2012, the band announced that they would be taking a hiatus so that the members could take some time off to breathe and do their own thing. In the beginning of 2014, the band came back together for a series of live shows. By the end of the year, they announced that they would be going on another hiatus.

It was during these two hiatuses that Lewis focused on his solo work and released his two studio albums.

The band has said that this hiatus might last a very long time and may even be the end of the band.

In an interview, Lewis stated that while his focus was now on his country music solo project, he hadn’t given up on Staind completely. He went on to say “Do I think there's room somewhere down the road for Staind to play shows in the summertime, radio festivals and stuff like that? Sure. Do I think I have another one of those Staind records in me? Of course I do. All I have to do is live."

Solo Country Career

In many ways, Aaron Lewis started out as a solo musician. In his late teens he spent the majority of his time playing acoustic guitar at a variety of different venues. He had been writing and performing his own material for years before he joined any band.

After spending years with his band Staind, Lewis felt the need to start creating his own solo music once again. In 2010, he recorded his first country music EP, which was called Town Line. The EP was released the following year on Stroudavarious Records. Lewis was always a fan of country music and was introduced to it at an early age by his grandfather. He felt a desire to pursue country music recently when he toured with Kid Rock, another artist who played both rock and country music.

In 2012, Lewis would release his first full length studio album, The Road. Each of the ten songs featured on the album were all written by Lewis himself except the song ‘Granddaddy’s Gun’. This is the first song that Lewis has ever recorded which wasn’t his own and was written by Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins and Bobby Pinson. The first single from the album, Endless Summer, was an instant hit and charted very well on the country charts.

After the release of The Road, Lewis immediately hit the road to promote his new album. While touring, he began to write new material for what would be his second album. He would often perform this new material during his live sets.

His second full length studio album, called Sinner, was released in the fall of 2016. The album was recorded in one single 18 hour session and many of the songs were successfully recorded in one take.

The song features guest vocals by his daughter, Zoe, as well as country music artist, Willie Nelson. The first single from the album was called That Ain't Country and was released a few months before the album dropped.

To promote his new material, Lewis will be touring extensively. If you want to find out more information about Aaron Lewis tickets, check it out here.