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A Day to Remember, often shortened to ADTR, is a rock band which hails from Ocala, Florida. They gained popularity for their unique combination of two genres: metalcore and pop punk. Founded in 2003, the band is comprised of Jeremy McKinnon (vocals), Neil Westfall (rhythm guitarist), Joshua Woodard (bassist), Kevin Skaff (guitarist), and Alex Shelnutt (drummer). Since their formation, ADTR have released six full length studio albums. If you would like to see ADTR live, you can get your A Day to Remember tickets here.

The Formation of A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember was formed in 2003 after many of the members had played in different bands in the Ocala music scene. The initial ADTR lineup consisted of vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, bassist, Joshua Woodard, guitarists Neil Westfall and Tom Denney, and drummer Bobby Scruggs.

The band decided to try and make a name for themselves and establish themselves in the music scene. They self-released an independent EP in 2004 called Halos for Heroes, Dirt for the Dead, which they would sell at their live shows. To promote themselves, they embarked on an extensive touring cycle playing over 200 shows in the U.S.

They then signed with Indianola Records in 2005 and began work on their debut album, And Their Name Was Treason. The album sold over 8,000 copies and was a hit with fans.

For their second album, the band would sign with popular record company Victory Records. Their second effort was called For Those Who Have Heart and was released in 2007. At this point, their new drummer Alex Shelnutt would replace the old one, Bobby Scruggs.

To promote their new material, the band embarked on another extensive touring cycle, this time doing the rounds in North America as well as Europe. They also played at several large festivals.

In 2009, the band released their third album, Homesick. At this point, guitarist Tom Denney was replaced by Kevin Skaff.

The following year, the band released their fourth album, What Separates Me from You. To promote this album, the band went on a massive worldwide tour.

2011 was a tumultuous year for the band as they entered into a lengthy and bitter lawsuit with Victory Records over their recording contract. While the case was being heard, the band was given the right to self-release their next album until a final verdict was reached. This led to the release of Common Courtesy independently. The album went on to peak at the number 37 spot on the Billboard 200 chart and topped numerous other music charts across the globe. It also received universally positive reviews from both fans and critics alike.


It would take a further three years for the band to release their next album. Bad Vibrations was released in 2016.

A Day to Remembers Unique Sound

ADTR emerged onto the music scene doing what few bands had done before them – merge two seemingly very different genres. When asked about their sound, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon stated that they were huge fans of both pop punk and hardcore music. When it came to creating their own music, those influences naturally merged together to create their own unique sound.

The Bad Vibrations Tour and ADTR in 2017

In terms of touring, ADTR is going to be spending a lot of time on the road this year. In addition to doing a slew of huge music festivals in Europe, the band has announced their intentions of doing some heavy touring in North America as well.

A Day to Remember are going to be touring extensively in 2017 to support their latest release, Bad Vibrations. They will be joined on this tour by Moose Blood and Wage War. The tour is supposed to kick off in the spring and go on until the fall.

If you’re interested in A Day to Remember live in concert, you’ll have numerous opportunities to see them in their element this year. Be sure to get yourself a pair of A Day to Remember tickets today to be at one of their highly anticipated shows. These tickets are available here.